A Short Text on Distances to Nearby Planets Using a Unique Unicode Symbol as a Prop

At the moment mercury is around 92,000,000 km away from our planet and venus is at 175,000,000 km, about double the distance. Some might think this is nothing strange, isn’t it Earth, Venus, Mercury, Sun, always in that order?
But no, since the orbits of the planets are pretty close:
Earth at ~150,000,000 km to the sun,
Venus at ~108,000,000 km to the sun,
Mercury at ~58,000,000 km to the sun
So imagine two points, one on each of the circles on this symbol:

One on the inner circle to the left and one on the outer circle to the right. The inner would be Mercury and the outer Venus.
They would be further from each other than from the center of the circles. Now imagine a third circle just outside the second, with a point next to the innermost point. That would be Earth.

I don’t know why I’m writing this, you might all be laughing at me being overly pedagogic. But I like explaining things in simple ways, even just for myself. Maybe this is why I am attracted to Richard Feynman.

By the way, isn’t cool that there is a Unicode symbol with two circles? Like copyright but.. more, open,-right, or do I mean closed? An o is a closed c… 🤓
Searching more for what it actually means… seems to be like the on-button.
And what do people use it for? Well the internet doesn’t seem to have matured much even if Google just celebrated (prematurely?) 30 years of the World Wide Web… people seem to mostly use it for nipples 😆

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