Tree Trunks and Life Advice

I had planned to visit VegoForum in Stockholm today. VegoForum is an annual event with businesses and organizations related to veganism organized by.

But I slept a few hours instead after working the whole night with updating the opening post for the Minecraft survival world b³O on the Minecraft forums.

In the afternoon I walked through a very nice park. It has all types of species of trees growing in Sweden. Some of them are really large and majestic.

I took photographs to make a reference library I can use to learn the name of the various species in English and Swedish and how to draw them in artworks and build them in Minecraft. Here are all the beautiful trunks. What variety!

I found a PDF from the municipality with the same info as on the sign posts next to the trees. Written in both Swedish in English, it is useful document. I will probably come back to it to find out which trees I’ve missed.

It is both beautiful and sad to visit the park.

The beautiful part is of course to see and connect with all the various tree.

The sad part is to know that these trees are very very small compared to how large trees used to be before us humans cut most of them down. And to know how little diversity most forests nowadays have. It is even hard to call them forests, they are more like forestry farms.

But nothing is permanent. Humanity can turn around the ways of treating the planet these coming decades. People are waking up and embracing change, even if there is still much, much confusion, delusion and old habits which have to go.

A friend asked me later when I came home about how I can be so productive. She is reading a book on productivity.

My best advice is: Stop reading books on how to do things and start doing things! So if you have something you need to do, stop reading this blog and go do it. In fact, everything and everyone telling anyone how to do something is completely useless compared to actually just doing it.

Ok, you are still here, so some more advice:

Set your mind to be really, really determined to do what it is you want, with no excuses. And when you don’t know exactly how, what worked best for me is actually to absolutely nothing. Refuse to do anything at all that doesn’t go towards the thing you want to achieve. Be as present in the now as possible, for as long as possible, aware of every single perception; thoughts, sights, sounds, body sensation.

A practical thing exercise which works for me get out of negative patterns and love myself and others and what I do is to breathe into my heart and also to just make sounds when breathing out. It doesn’t matter which ones, just hums or singing, however I feel like, without judgement. It can be done anywhere, at home and outdoors, sitting, standing, laying down or walking. Don’t care about what other people think, but also don’t project anything, just observe the moment with sounds happening.

Negative emotions like loneliness which my friend felt are definitely distractions if you want to be productive. Instead of thinking about who you are missing, think ‘I will do what I want to do no matter with who or what, or how it will happen’.

It is good to accept that we are always where we are. And its the actually the same for everyone, since every moment is fleeting, no-one gets to keep anything permanently. We just make up stories that we are more lonely than others and having a harder time than others. Those very stories are the ones shutting us out! So just embrace the awkward feeling of opening up to anyone you meet. And please stop thinking about their gender, age, looks, along with those attributes of yourself. Let go of prejudice, it is a filter that prevents you to connect.

How to achieve anything. Realize that no-one, absolutely no-one has any clue whatsoever about what can actually and will actually happen in the future. Think about this until you can see that it is true for certain. Narrow down your perception of time as well to see that the future is never here, except as a concept, thus even the next few seconds are uncertain. Now you can see that nothing can say that what you want to happen will not happen. You might have a thousand thoughts protesting in your head, but they are from the past and know nothing about the future.

How to deal with the sensation of lack of capabilities, resources and so on.
Contemplate how everything in existence just is where it is, and actually has no inherent ownership or fixed relation to anything else. Those are just thoughts and temporary. Now you can see that all those are arbitrary and there is no reason why the relationships between you and the things you want to have would not be able to occur. All possibilities are on equal grounds! Be relentless about this. Even better is to align this with something beneficial and true. See how you becoming and getting what you want fits in with everyone and everything else benefiting from it.

To be free. What is it to be free? It is actually an illusion! You are always just where you are. And just because you for example are free from suffering, doesn’t mean that everyone else is. So before everything else you know is free, how can you be? If you feel free while knowing most of the world is not, Is that really freedom? What if there is a way where you can be part of everyone achieving a truer freedom instead?

About money. Money is not as important as feeling what you do is good for yourself and others. Keeping money for its own sake is pointless in my opinion. Now is always now. Money just means a potential of doing something, but only the realized action counts and makes a change. And so many things can be done at any time regardless of where money is or isn’t. Money is not anything special either, it is just a perception or layer on top of reality like anything else conceived by the mind. And no concept is what is actually real.

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