What is God?

Few people seem to understand what God really is. Perhaps especially religious people, but maybe also scientifically minded people, because they are so locked into thinking, ‘oh, if we don’t have proof, we can’t be sure it exists’.
So forget every story about god told by any religion. God is infinitely infinite and by that very nature cannot be otherwise than to include everything possible. If you can think of it, conceive it somehow, it exists. And everything you cannot conceive of as well. Human existence is so infinitesimal in regards to what God actually is. Even the currently observable physical universe is that small. And even if you would take every imaginable configuration of universes, you still wouldn’t be near anything of what god is. To get somewhat of a picture, you can imagine infinite dimensions. Now take that to the power of infinity…
God is so infinite that God of course includes all possible perceivable deities to be mistaken as a God. But of course, anything appearing within god is not actually God in its whole, by the very nature of being a subset. On another perspective, of course, anything perceivable or imaginable can be said to be God, as a part of God. Just don’t be deluded and confuse that with something infinitely infinite without boundaries.

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