A little Thursday rant

I haven’t written about my life here in a while.

I’m ok, took a long walk today, there was sunlight and there is a really nice soft path not so far away with lots of friendly trees. I might go there tomorrow too.

I baked seed crackers and played a game, then went on Facebook. Trying to not get sucked into advertisement and stereotypical thinking. With culture, society and the internet as it is it is tricky to stay real.

Why do we feel lost and tired and like failures? It is no single cause, it is all of it, things we’ve heard and assumed to be unchangeable. But there really is no-one better or worse anywhere.

How can we change this? Maybe take our minds off things that we feel we blame ourselves for? To be grateful for things, even things we think are bad, that can take the power out of it.

People we think are against us, they all have their own troubles and issues.

Now I will take it slow and relax. I might apply for another job tomorrow (I applied for one yesterday), see how and what social aid I can get. On Saturday there is activism for the animals again. Something which feels very meaningful to me, to know there are people who I can make a change together with.

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