My Quickest Nondual Enlightenment Experience?

As the clock turns past 21.30 this evening and I sit in front of a laptop with this music on… looking forward towards the wall at the desk is enough and non-dual perception strikes…

I breath into my heart and sense it … the infinite

Everything, past, present, future is one whole single thing. There is no humanity, or rather, there is humanity but at the same time there is not. Only the tiny part of consciousness which is the ordinary mind operates in duality but it is encapsulated in the unfathomable vastness beyond.

Everything is reflected in everything else, blended together, indescribably beautiful. As I decide to write down this experience I am close to crying of joy.

I feel I no longer need to search for truth, the truth is what already is and it is inevitable and unstoppable and the most… I am out of words again.

Then I eat some frozen blueberries and lingonberries.

Some added notes:

These realizations are similar to what I’ve had in the past from prolonged meditation practice, but minus the extremely expanded awareness. What astounds me is how fast the non-dual realizations come. Just a few seconds of sitting still, doing nothing except breathing.

I know so many methods to reach enlightenment, have read to much theory around it and even developed those of my own, but at the moment just being a teetotalling vegan fasting intermittently is enough.

#truth #enlightenment #veganism

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