Sunday activism

Today was my third time in the Cube of Truth with Anonymous for the Voiceless and my first time doing outreach.

I learned a lot from listening to other more experienced activists. In a beautiful moment was given the opportunity to speak with a girl who is now taking veganism seriously just like I started doing a few years ago.

I also talked with passersby who expressed how they didn’t feel well about the ways animals are treated by our society. Even if they didn’t become vegan, I think important seeds were planted.

If I could have gone back in time to 1981 to parent myself, I would have raised myself vegan. Thousands of innocent animals would not have had to live lives of utter despair and misery and I would have been spared many health problems I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Thanks to everyone I met this day and to you for reading this. Together we can change the world and make it a place where we no longer have to make each other suffer needlessly by practices which should have long since been obsolete.

#untileverycageisempty #foracrueltyfreeworld #whyloveoneandnottheother

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