Saturday in Stockholm

I had some very joyful moments today… When they come I feel that I trust that this life, this moment is good and meant to be. In those moments I can see how some things which seem relatively bad are only so from some certain perspectives, held by those that haven’t yet awoken. They might not have seen the paradox of both self and no-self yet and recognized that thoughts are just thoughts, that they don’t belong to anyone in particular. Or, they have once known it, but have since forgotten it.

I was out in Stockholm the whole afternoon after a morning of meditation, shower, and cleaning. I asked a friend to come with me, but unfortunately didn’t know she worked on the weekends! So I went about alone, which still was great. Passed by a book store, was happy to see at least a fifth of the cooking books were vegan! And went to the city library, read two pages in I Ching, the book of change.

I started practicing the Hebrew alphabet on the subway from the library. It looks very much like something I could imagine space-faring aliens using! I found a very nice app called ‘Write It! Hebrew’ which lets you draw the letters and learn them in groups of 3-5 each. I’ll try to find something similar for all the other scripts I’m learning, just looking at writing is not very efficient.

At Goodstore on Södermalm, I tried some veganized Swedish ‘classics’ for the first time. On the toasts called toast Skagen, instead of killing innocent pregnant fish and stealing their eggs, the red and black spheres for the kaviar are made out of seaweed! Isn’t that awesome? It tasted better! I also had the traditional bun called semla! The best I’ve had in my life, especially knowing no cows had to be raped and no baby cows killed to make it.

Going home I saw this advertisement in the subway.

I’m delighted to see the world slowly changing to become more compassionate!

After seven hours out I was grateful to come home to a clean modern flat again. The only gripe I have with it at the moment is the stove being a thermo-electric, which is 10 to 20 percent less energy efficient than the induction I had expected since the apartment was advertised as modern and eco-friendly.

Now some thoughts I had later this evening on love and relationships, thanks to chatting with my friend and muse Mai ElGabry

It’s been just over twenty years since I fell madly in love the first time and last time, something which lasted around two years. After she broke up I was looking for her to somehow magically come back and even when I went into the next relationship which lasted fifteen years. I still hadn’t gotten over her. Not until I realized it was me that hadn’t matured, I didn’t value myself enough. Now I feel I am on the brink of being able to fall in love again, but instead of expecting a perfect person I think we can make love happen ourselves. This time I won’t forget to love myself as much as the other person, it doesn’t have to be a sacrifice one way or the other. I think it is something couples could do well to remind each other of, married or not.

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