33 tips for developing a successful video game

  • Accept contributions for free
  • Any press is good press
  • Be reachable
  • Be OK with being unreachable and sacrifice for the business
  • Celebrate wins
  • Consider other income streams
  • Cover contracts and ownership, consult a lawyer if needed
  • Create a proper press kit with all your game info, art and videos in one place
  • Don’t appeal to everyone / try to make it perfect
  • Don’t leave marketing the game to the last minute
  • Drop the ego
  • Find the right tools
  • Forget about feeling ‘secure’
  • Forget about intimacy / shutting out the world, except for within the game development context
  • Get a cleaner
  • Get people playing the game
  • Get support from boyfriend/girlfriend, family and friends
  • Have fun
  • Hire an accountant
  • Keep publishing
  • Look for grants
  • Monetisation strategy
  • Monthly routine: In-game analytics
  • Plan finances
  • Optimize for platform and store
  • Outsource weaknesses
  • Set achievable goals
  • Show confidence at all times
  • Submit game to festivals
  • Use Reddit to connect, discuss and post blogs
  • Weekly routine: Refining game, publish updates, write blog posts and approach review sites
  • Work away from home once a week or more
  • Work together in the same location from the start

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