Weightless Wednesday

Yup, no weights used today. But I still weigh something.. Around 73 kg according to the scale I used in the new gym I tried for cardio.

Here’s the program I followed and the calories burnt:

Cross trainer

  • 5 minutes @ resistance 4
  • 5 minutes @ resistance 7
  • 5 minutes @ resistance 15

110 calories burnt

Rowing machine

  • 5 min @ resistance 4
  • 5 min @ resistance 7
  • 5 min @ resistance 15

140 calories burnt


  • 5 min 4 km/h
  • 5 min 7 km/h
  • 4 min 15 km/h
  • 1 min cool down

110 calories burnt

Great job me!

Reward: food!

I prepared the whole plate to the upper right yesterday by dividing that dinner in half, except for the kale and lime. Left is dessert, bottom raw veggies & a mysterious fruit.

I spent a lot of time today thinking about how to go about starting a game development company for this amazing game idea I have. Should I wait until 2020?

Also thinking about a woman I met, how to make her vegan so I can marry her…

And another friend I want to meet for special reasons. We have a good synchronous connection.

Speaking of vegan, I tried the awesome app VegLevel today. Read more on their website: https://veglevel.com.

Got my Bluetooth headphones connected to my Fairphone2! 😀

I went to bed just before 8 p.m. And fell asleep. Quite astonishing, I don’t think this have happened to me for years!

But I woke up again after sleeping only 2 hours, feeling really hungry. I boiled a pot of brown organic rice, added frozen spinach and sunflowers while nibbling on pots from previous days; beans, chickpeas. Also the minced soy with saffron went down in my hungry tummy, along with all sorts of nuts.

Finally got around to updating my FairPhone2 to Android 7.1, thanks to a conversation with friendly Miranda from VegLevel.

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