Organizing new apartment and shopping for activism and vegan food

Yesterday I went to bed a bit later than planned, trying out different dating apps. It shouldn’t be so hard to find some good friends for good company, love, sex and fun meaningful activities. I found several great and interesting people already.. But how to choose??

Even though I rose late from bed I had time to organize the apartment before heading out. I felt a bit sick of all the electronics and put them in a carton box for now. In general I felt very sensitive to patterns as if almost nauseous from too much information. I am not fond of the black cords from the lamps.. At least one has another color.

I put up some artwork in this large shelf, and packed the rest in a freed up container along with my notes.

The shelves above this small desk gets to host all the black equipment.

I registered for the laundry room and booked my first time for 7 a.m. tomorrow. This way I’ll have to get up early, even if its Sunday.

I took the commuter to Stockholm. Happily surprised to find it stops right in the middle of södermalm, the best place for shopping organic, vegan and sustainable in the Sweden’s capital.

First I bought this black sweater at AdisGladis to have the appropriate look for participating in tomorrow’s activism with anonymous for the voiceless.

Then I went too goodstore. What an amazing place for anyone interested in a organic and vegan lifestyle. The only thing I found lacking was uncooked beans. But I got chickpeas and lentils, though there were not many options of those. But it makes up for it with a wide range of substitutions for meat and dairy. Happy to chat a bit with the cashier. She had noted veganism growing in the south of Spain. How awesome!

Now I have a variety of things to cook with! I need to keep a hold on just eating nuts, I tend to overeat. Yesterday I found that raw kale seems to be a great way to calm the cravings.

Coming home I calculate the budget to see that I don’t go into red, and to know how much I can spend on veggies, beans and fruit. Left to pay is the gym fee, a pair of training trousers and the commuters card.

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