Moving again

Today I moved to a small apartment with 1,5 room! Above are all my belongings, which fit into the smallest rentable car. After moving I went shopping, exploring a nearby supermarket, slightly further away than the two right outside the building.

Nuts! And tofu, kale, carrots and even a sweet potato!

Here’s the lunch I prepared, also using a banana I bought in the morning at the gas station.

Next I returned the car and brought my bike over, a trip of 15 km, which took a bit over an hour. It was expected to take less, but… the snow!

After the bike ride. You wouldn’t tell from the photo how much my hands hurt would you? I didn’t use gloves, crazy me.

Feeling pretty good coming into the warmth!

Felling pretty exhausted I snacked on nuts and cranberries,

Turned out I needed to eat some more. I tried all sort of nuts; pecans, cashew, para nuts. And more bread with peanut butter, just like the lunch!

Next I updated the address on the website contact page and registered it with the Swedish tax authority.

I was curious about how many people have watched my Minecraft series yet.. I realize the first 2-3 episodes are a turn-off since the sound is too low.. I’m considering downloading theses and adding a new voice-over. For now, I’m celebrating the move by having the whole playlist running on the computer while relaxing.

From just grass to a 3-storey building including a cave underneath. Watch the whole series here:

I needed to buy a new toothbrush, having left the old one behind. I went looking for an ecological one and got really lucky.

can it be greener?

Not in wood, but made from sugar canes! How about that, finally some good use for this plant, helping caring for teeth instead of destroying them. By the way, did you know that refined sugar is not vegan? Its purified using bones from innocent birds =(. I found this around one week ago. Just another reason to not by food with sugar added!

My day ended with trying out Thai massage. It was half an hour but felt like much longer. It was amazing, especially for my arms and calves, I’ve had limited circulation to my hands and feet.

Stay tuned for more updates on my life!

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