Completing the Spiral Dynamics Model • Small Blog or Business Names in Spanish

This blog post is the result of clearing out paper notes.

Completing the Spiral Dynamics Model

Spiral dynamics is an interesting model of both personal and collective evolution. It is divided in stages, alternating between individual and collective based, beginning at the individual oriented stage beige, followed by the collective oriented stage purple, and so on until turquoise like this.

  • Beige — Instinct driven
  • Purple — Safety driven
  • Red — Power driven
  • Blue — Rule driven
  • Orange — Success driven
  • Green — People driven
  • Yellow — Process oriented
  • Turquoise — Synthesis oriented

Most places showing spiral dynamics do not show the stages past turquoise, probably because most people are not ready to embrace the radical consequences of true self-inquiry or spirituality which shows there is no such thing as a brain, an exterior world and so on. However, I having no qualms of including those, so here are my own ideas as to what is the orientations of the last stages of the spiral and their pitfalls.

  • Coral — Integration oriented. Pitfalls: division into past/present/future
  • Indigo — Inspiration oriented. Pitfalls: Separating internal/external, resulting in limiting awareness.
  • UV — Being oriented. Pitfalls: Separating and interpreting phenomena, resulting in limiting awareness.
  • Clear light — Emptiness oriented. No orientation, beginning of jhanas, or samadhi. Time, space and separateness between phenomena of existence disappears. Unified consciousness without pitfalls.

Small Blog or Business Names and Monikers in Spanish

This is a list I brainstormed on paper some months ago. Numerous ones might appear humorous due to contradictions and rhymes

First the more original

  • amasone
  • chabalfatal
  • contractoabstracto
  • illusionreal
  • mierdadeoro
  • tontopronto
  • diamanteflotante
  • localglobal
  • loboglobo
  • tiendajesucristo
  • somosmonos

Now, the ones based on unmono- or monos- (a monkey or monkeys). These work also as monikers (pun intended).


  • unmonoquepiensa
  • unmonoquehabla
  • unmonoqueanda
  • unmonoloco
  • unmonoestable
  • unmonoquesalta
  • unmonoquecorre
  • unmonoqueama
  • unmonoquevive
  • unmonoquecome
  • unmonoquejuega
  • unmonoquesabe


  • unmonoconsuerte
  • unmonoconexito
  • unmonoconideas
  • unmonoconjardin
  • unmonoconamigos
  • unmonoconsciente
  • unmonocongente
  • unmonoconvida
  • unmonoconcamino
  • unmonocontono
  • unmonocontento
  • unmonoconsulto
  • unmonoconcara
  • unmonoconcariño
  • unmonoconluz
  • unmonoconcreto


  • unmonocomoyo
  • unmonocomotu


  • unmonofeliz
  • unmonoentrenando
  • unmonojugando
  • unmonobailando
  • unmonoinfinito
  • unmonoilluminado
  • unmonoexitoso


  • monoslocos
  • monosquepiensan
  • monosconscientes
  • monoscondrones
  • monosconideas
  • monosexitosos
  • monosfelizes
  • monosconamigos

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