Saturday! Casual Coding, Fancy Food, Phenomenal Photos, Amazing Art, Dire Documentary and Review

Today I overcame the habit of staying in bed and went up to do yoga. Since I changed the sheet I cover the mat with I took the chance to update the photo of the yoga mat on the page with my current yoga program.

Next I showered and got dressed in this beautiful shirt from Alba-Paris.

words of truth!

Then I had a nice healthy breakfast.

green tea with chia and flax seeds soaked in water over-night

While drinking and eating I revisited my scheduling project JSUsCH²R to get a sense of direction for the day.

I had removed the detailed description of each activity, but luckily the WordPress editor saves a revision history for the web pages!

With the new arrays the code now displays what to do at the current hour in the following format when running as a local server and opened in the web-browser:

I am planning to add an option so that if I wake up late like today, I can get an adapted compressed time-table by recalculating the times by the minute by just setting the start time of waking activities later than 6.

And eventually I want the script accessible globally so I can access it with any device connected to the internet.

The sun was shining and I took the advice from my mother to go outdoors and take photographs. I couldn’t choose which camera lens to bring, so I thought, why not all of four of them? To carry them I used the beautiful birthday gift from my mother, a bag made from Jute!

Zoom, wide and normal lenses. I brought the fourth, the prime or portrait lens attached to the camera

Something awesome with Jute is that it doesn’t need fertilizers and pesticides when grown like cotton usually do (here are more features:

I stepped out on the street and got these photographs, one with each lens, except the zoom.

Walking a few meters on the closest trail I entered a glade which was full of birds chirping and playing around among the trees. Here I got some better shots. Can you spot the bird in the top left photo?

I noticed I have not cleaned the lenses. What a pity. But I did it later this evening and upcoming photographs should be better!

Coming back home it was time for lunch. This is what I made

To drink I had a glass of water and a cup of fair trade coffee with coconut milk. To eat I had a kiwi and a cherry tomato, a cup of boiled mung beans, the last crumbs of a bag of walnuts and a slice of cantaloupe melon. The coffee was so strong that I not only took another serving of mung beans but also a banana and a piece of bread to fight of the caffeine high (in fact I still have the cup next to me with some left as I’m typing this). With the bread slice I cleaned the plate.

mmm… mung beans!

Thanks to google’s automatic editing of photos I got the inspiration for what to do next on the artwork commission I have been given for a children’s book.

The render into black and white helped me spot areas to work on. In particular, I saw that the grass next to the staircase needed to look more natural and alive. And happily I now got much more art material at my disposal; the ones I left in the Basque Country was sent to me by my dear friend there. I got the good sharpener (you can tell the quality compared to similar models by the added weight this one has) and reused a coconut shell to gather the pencil shavings in.

Not perfectly sharpened, but better than before

I worked for perhaps an hour with these green colors. The images below show the drawing before and after, from left to right. I hope you can spot the difference (look along the edge of the staircase!)

The forest ground still need work, and the water even more. The goal now is to color all the white space where the paper is still visible and also make shades and contours more natural.

After the art I started soy beans on the stove. With 90 minutes to boil, I had plenty of time to begin preparing this blog post. I also did a short workout, pushups and pullups.

To film the pushups, I discovered that a microphone stand serves well as a phone holder.

I got pretty good but not perfect form on both these exercises. I also did a short set of squats and L-sits. The battery on both the phone and the camera went out so if you want to see me doing these exercises you can click the link below to watch the video I uploaded on my Instagram account for workouts.

I prepared a colorful plate for dinner with rice, soy beans, banana, cantaloupe melon, carrot, cherry tomato, spinach, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, peanuts, kelp noodles, raisins, nutritional yeast, olive oil, apple vinegar. The green drink was water with blue-green algae, nori, dulse and sea lettuce.

Now eating the dinner (very late!) I’m browsing Facebook and participating in discussions I found a friend who loved my rants about reality and enlightenment! How about that! ❤

After eating I will watch the remaining half of the documentary Dominion. I am not watching it while eating, it deserves full attention! I would have like to create a watch party on Facebook, but I can find the it there. However, since it is free I’m also downloading it. In this way I can share it with people when offline, participating in a cube of truth or hosting screenings.

What I didn’t do today that I wished I did

Wake up early.

What I want to improve for tomorrow

  • Enjoy the dinner more consciously
  • Be more present in general
  • Wake up earlier

What I want to do tomorrow

Meditate. Yoga. Improve JSUsC²HR. Art collage. Record the next episode of the Minecraft Let’s Play series. Study music production. Work on the poetry blog. Review the plan for HeaRTS. Plan the week.

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