You might have thought me dead, but here I am again, back with another post!

I haven’t written in six days! I have once again fallen into the nefarious trap of thinking that my voice and expression and what I do is not as important as what anyone else is up to. What a lie! Another trap is that I might move to a new home at the end of this month, and the thought of it makes me unjustly devalue what I have going on right where I am. I even procrastinated the recording of the next episode of my Minecraft Let’s Play until tomorrow. But I AM unsure of where to take this blog… and my life in general… At least we have some pictures below of what I have been eating, and a short peek into some things I’ve been up to.

The drink has spinach, carrot as the base. Yesterday I also added ginger, today aubergine, broccoli and various algae flakes. I also had bread yesterday, but avoided it today. Instead I’m having a banana and a mandarin. The bowl is cashew, raisins, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I also ate almonds which I heard helps to lower hunger levels. So far it is working pretty good!

I am taking measures to remedy low B12 levels with blue-green algae and nutritional yeast. In a month I will get a blood test to see if they have improved.

I watched this nice presentation a day ago, and wanted to share it with you:

I think it’s one of the better presentations of research I have seen, with humor and excellent presentation technique. There is an interesting feature of modern pop music which Colin Morris found by analyzing lyrics. The songs are repetitive, but still not stale. Rather like snowflakes, each song is highly unique. Watch the video to find out many more interesting and fun points and observations.

Inspired by the above and what I heard sang upstairs I am googling songs with “I don’t know where I’m going”. It reflects my sense of direction in life at the moment…

“I don’t know where I am going, but I am going nowhere in a hurry”

— Steve Goodman

“I don’t know where I’m going”

— Mikey MacLeary

Not condoning the eating of fish or drinking of various beverages in the latter video by the way! If I’m sure about anything, it is that the future is vegan! ❤

Comparing these two songs, can you notice how large the difference in loudness is between them? Lately I have been studying music production again, and especially how to create loudness, which is essential for a professional sounding song these days. Thanks to Hyperbits free courses on the topic I learnt a lot of new little tricks I’m eager to apply when the opportunity comes… I came up with a pretty catchy thing on the piano the other day.

What else? My 38th birthday passed by this week, it was great. I also increased the lengths of my walks outdoors, from around 3 km to 5-6.

I received a large package from the Basque Country with things I left behind there. Among the contents where shoes, art supplies, drawings and notes. One of the shoe pairs are for weight lifting, can’t wait to use them! Some of the notes feel slightly painful to look at, but I got myself working on digitizing ‘A Treatise on Truth’. It uses a bit of mathematics to help explain and give pointers to what consciousness and the nature of reality is. So now it’s taking on a digital form! The next step is to structure it better; the order of chapters and especially the order of the theorems. I am considering integrating other articles I’ve written and will need to have it reviewed before official publishing. I might have to add more exercises…

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