Watching a movie

I rarely watch ‘regular’ movies these day, most are a waste of time since I find it hard to learn anything from them. Instead I usually find clips of talks concerning specific interests on YouTube. But today I made an exception.

I watched the documentary Cowspiracy for the first time, thanks to a friend inviting me for a shared viewing on Facebook.

The title made me associate to conspiracy movies, which I feel try to convince us of some ‘hidden agenda’ and divide people into us vs them. But cowspiracy has none of that. Instead, it is very down to earth. It just shows how ordinary people working for large organizations are having a hard time facing facts, telling truths and acting accordingly. It is very sad to watch, but just emphasizes that we all have the responsibility to find out what is true.

I can highly recommend it, and will probably re-watch it.

After it, I felt both sad and at the same time strangely hopeful. I don’t think I am anything special compared to any other human. If I can take the step to become vegan, so can anyone else. I can’t change the mind of anyone that isn’t ready, instead each one will be able to set aside their ego and open up when the time has come. I became vegetarian after visiting an animal farm and I just knew it didn’t make sense to wear animal clothes or eat animals anymore. Still, I didn’t take the actual decision until months later. I don’t know what it took or will take for you or anyone else reading this. Everyone’s life is unique, yet connected to everything else. I can only encourage you to take a pause, maybe don’t think so much for a while, just sit and contemplate in peace, accept what is here and now.

In the words of Eckhart Tolle, modified from memory: “the world is paradoxically becoming more sane and insane at the same time”.

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