Awesome pants arrived • Art Progress • Coding in Python • Applied for another job • New game stream channel • Dinner • Litter Picking Rover Robot

Awesome pants arrived

here’s how you give to yourself: be your own best friend!

They are slightly large, but reading up on the material, I can expect them to shrink a bit the first wash. I can even intentionally shrink them a bit using a warm dryer. Otherwise I could use either suspenders, or put a brooch in the back. Why are they so awesome? 100% in hemp! They also have no pockets except on the back, which feels both weird since I’m not used to it, but good at the same time. The material is pretty thick, which makes it feel slightly like wearing armor, in a pleasant way. Heavy and robust, the weight really contrasts with the hemp jacket I got a few days ago.

More pictures will surely come once I can get them to sit properly on my body. Until then, here’s the nice bag the trousers came in, which I can use for shopping groceries and what-not:

Art progress

I have worked on this for months now…

Is it done yet? What could I improve and how? Let me know in a comment!

Coding in Python

Began sketching on the project I named MOJ. It has been on the website for a while at The idea is to write an optimization solver in Javascript to run on nodejs so it can be conveniently accessed in a browser. I started sketching in Python. Some code:

class Point:
    def __init__(self,values):
        self.values = values
    def dimension(self):
        return len(self.values)

class Variable:
    def __init__(self,name,value=0.0): = name
        self.value = value
    def evaluate(self):
        return self.value

class Function:
    def __init__(self):

class LinearFunction(Function):
    def __init__(self,constants):
        self.c = constants
    def evaluate(self,point):
        v = 0
        for c,p in zip(point.values,self.c):
            v += c*p
        return v

class Constraint(LinearFunction):
    def __init__(self,constants,bounds):
        self.constants = constants
        self.bound = bounds

class Problem:
    def __init__(self,g,x0=Point([0,0])):
         self.g = g
         self.x0 = x0

P = Problem([])
p = Point([0,2,3])
lf = LinearFunction([1,-1,2])
v = Variable('x',1.0)

can you guess the output?

Applied for another job

The second time I find an interesting job for me around Tel Aviv. This time as a Machine Learning Algorithm Developer at General Motors. How about that title? An M-LAD… a magnificent lad. I think I have most of the skills, even those that are not an official match. Wish me good luck!

New game stream channel

To simplify things, I am now streaming games I play at

Make sure you follow me there! First up is Minecraft in creative mode, building a home underhill on an island in a river.

entrance to the right, window to the left (also shown from the inside to the right in the picture below)
beginning of interior: a sky-lit area for growing plants to the left. seating area to the right. doors go to entrance room

More progress on the exterior:


Quinoa and coconut drink with water. Seed cracker with cloudberries and raspberries on organic peanut butter spread. Boiled bean pods, carrot, lentils and potato. Rocket, olives, pineapple, cantaloupe melon.

Just as I finished dinner, I remembered an idea and project I worked on which I hadn’t added to the website yet. Following the ‘all ideas are good’ and ‘all ideas can be worth at least saving for later’ I added it to the list at The Environmental awareness encouraging litter-picking rover-robot

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