Notes: as an oracle

Anyone can predict the future… We actually do as soon as we believe something to be real.

Anyway, this post is just to clear up some notes from Evernote on my phone.

Here we go:

Some oracle predictions on what the future on Earth holds:

Encryption and data security improves until the world is so safe it will be unnecessary: instead encryption will be abandoned to save power/bandwidth; sustainability will have higher priority when the idea of an external enemy is finally realized to be an illusory concept
Human race will be a sort of high-tech yet organic space-elf with nature and technology merging

  • local produce of high-tech replaces mass produced: small local units of 3D-printers and robots replacing manual labor in large centers. Along with this personal belongings will be less and less important
  • direct personal creative expression replacing brands
  • Global legalization of cannabis, psychedelics and nootropics along with meditation becoming more and more the norm leading to accelerated disappearance of all diseases and problematic -isms; speicicism, sexism, racism, dogmatism and so forth as more and more people discover their whole persona to be fiction
  • modular solutions at end user replaces guarded brands; think APIs between tech components: camera+screen+power supply+CPU+GPU all conveniently replaceable
  • social security systems will merge until they are all unified and eventually becomes blatantly redundant as their purposes diminishes with fewer and fewer people needing their services. Examples: id-checks, ticket checks etc.
  • barriers dissolve : public/private, borders both physical and intellectual, science/religion less dogmatic and more a pursuit of expressions than attempts to solve problems
  • global populations stabilize to a constant number with close to zero births and deaths: here the need to preserve historical data ends as well, with all creatures being in the present moment

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