Random notes

Just some things I wrote down during the day

Notes on mainstream society/culture

As a system it is set up to cater to very low levels of self-actualization, being a specialist or generalist but still just to maintain the system. Most famous people are only experts or masters at very narrow areas of life, be it science, art, athleticism, relationships, spirituality etc., while the potential for any individual is way, way way, beyond in ALL categories. This leads to an overall sense of frustration and feeling of not being fulfilled (unless one is almost completely unconscious, in sleeping wake through life). The main reason to pursue personal growth is the immense gap between what we are taught we can or ought to be and what human beings are actually capable of.

Notes on modes of being

Gratitude — overrides negative emotions and connotations

Service — overrides selfishness

Direct sensing — overrides judgement into good/bad

Awareness — overrides attachment and thought

Notes from book ‘the way of the superior way of man’

The best part, others are a bit too culturally enmeshed for my liking:

contemplate daily, between activities

  • own death
  • image of most enlightened being you know
  • mystery of existence
  • relax into deepest most profound loving

Notes from video with Teal Swan on loneliness

Some cultures don’t use nouns to refer to things and individuals, but verbs, as ‘-ing’. Thus I would be for example a blogging, you would be a reading. I find it very useful to contemplate oneself as an ongoing process rather than an subject or object.

Next blog post will be me remembering my life as a gamer.

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