Frozen Friday

I woke up early enough to do a complete yoga program. Yay!

Then I went to central Stockholm for an on-site coding test as a part of applying for a job as a system developer. Fun, and only a tiny bit stressful, since I chose to eat a bit too much breakfast (still with the yummy hummus I made in this post!) and had to run to catch the train. I missed it with about a minute! But no worries. I arrived at the office and got about two hours to do three assignments in this nice cubicle.

Since all where based on manipulating strings I would have had an easy time had I chosen to code in Python, but instead stayed in Java to challenge myself with a language I am less acquainted with. No trouble with the first task. After feeling stuck on the second, changing the format of a telephone number, I did a what is always a good tactic! I switched to the third one instead, counting partitions of a text into messages given a certain restriction.

Done with the third I then completed the second with just one minute left. I didn’t get full score, so the solutions probably lacked some robustness. But enough to be

I got a gift from the company, and I didn’t look what it was until I left. It was a chocolate box and a ballpoint pen. I went back to return it, after some needless doubting, since I don’t eat chocolate with cow milk and I am good on ballpoint pens for the moment (although the pen was of a very nice quality). Coming back I got to hang out a bit with the employees. They recently had a vegan cooking evening. Cool! Don’t hesitate to follow your guts! (hint: if you are not vegan, they are whispering ‘go vegan now’. It’s easier than you think, and benefits are soo worth it)

One of my favorite stores is having a sale at the moment. I was interested in revisiting, so I took the subway and found the store just right of the subway exit. They had both underwear, socks, trousers and even shirts and jackets IN HEMP! The material of the future 😉 Tips: invest in hemp stocks! This time I bought just hemp socks… And underwear, let’s see if I notice a difference. With these three more pairs I am more than doubling my number of underwear. Wanting to live minimally, I might soon retire the old ones and use them as toilet cloths instead of toilet paper. Very economical and less abrasive for the butt!

Greeting friendly neighbors on the way home I remembered I had a delivered package from, so I turned around for an extra bit of walking. I enjoy just walking outdoors, no matter if its freezing, its really relaxing somehow.

Flouride-free tooth paste, not tested on animals! E3AFA, blue green algae with over 65 vitamins, including B12. And organic sea salad, with which I can make kimchi, another source of B12! Finally 1kg organic hemp protein, my all-time favorite type of protein powder for post-gym shakes and what-not. No need for any synthetically added flavors, if I want that I’ll just mix in fresh or frozen berries or fruit.

Finally, lacking a food pic, here is one from another day. I didn’t peel the soy beans after soaking, so the home made soy milk can be improved.

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