A vitamin boost before the new year

Here’s what I bought at the supermarket today. I will go through the items in the photo below from left to right, and changing rows from top to bottom.

First in the top left we got frozen hawthorn and blueberries, both ecological and grown in the same country I bought them which is … Sweden! 🇸🇪 I was born here 1981 and lived here until 2015, but there are still a lot of cool berries, fruits, veggies and even herbs and mushrooms growing here naturally which I have yet to try! Maybe your country also have such hidden treasures?

Next a juice to boost my energy. I pick one which had fruits I had not already bought. It has cherry, flax seeds, guarana and strawberry. And its made from one of the most, if not the most environmentally conscious beverage companies I’ve seen so far.

I was delighted to find a Fair Trade coffee. This will be for either early mornings or times I feel tempted to use the capsule machine or drink a stronger coffee which makes me smell bad. Looking forward to trying it this weekend.

Two rolls of lightly salted rice crackers. These keep me off the carbohydrate heavy soft breads for which I have a soft heart. I will probably mostly put peanut butter on these. And hummus, like the one I made yesterday.

Coconut chips are crazy tasty. Next time I want to make them myself from a fresh coconut.

Sun-dried mulberries. I’m not sure why I bought them, I think I prefer fresh or frozen ones.. But a few top top things off should be alright.

Now from the left again:

I bought a box of nectarines, but I don’t like the extra plastic. I would like to say it is from plant material or recycled, but the truth is that I don’t know.

Then the cantaloupe melon, this was something I have been longing for — Really juicy fruit!

The big yellow thing is “sweetie”. After reading up on it now, it is a seedless patented fruit, a cross of grape and pomelo. I think this was the first and last time I bought it, I don’t dig the ‘castrated’ plants thing… In my ideal world, we will all have an abundance of fruit trees growing freely around the globe, and won’t even have to go shopping, just climb a tree for a snack.

Two avocados. Is this amazing fruit taking over the world? I sometimes mix the name with ‘abogado’ or ‘advokat’, lawyer in Spanish and Swedish. I DO advocate its consumption… lowers cholesterol among other things.

A ginger root since I plan to make kimchi, which, if done with the right algae (which I have ordered) can greatly boost vitamin B12 reserves.

Passion fruit and lime. Sublime.

Fennel is a fantastic plant and herb, one of my favorites. So aromatic with a slightly licorice aroma.

Hope this inspires you to buy fresh and healthy food like you deserve! For some more ideas, you can look at my food-page: bkh.me/food

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