… Hummus? • Language practice • Colorful Commission • 432 Hz vs 440 Hz tuning

I’ve had a weird eating and sleeping pattern lately: Fasting all the time until around 8-9 o’clock in the evening, and then eating a lot and sleeping until almost noon. Trying to change this, I forced myself to eat earlier today, around 11-12 and then again at 4 in the afternoon. To eat, I made something really nice…

… Hummus?

Not a regular hummus, but one from the pulp left over making soy milk. Apart from the standard ingredients (minced garlic, olive oil, salt), extra ingredients were cilantro, cocoa powder, curcumin, ginger, nutmeg and peanut butter. A welcome change for bread spread instead of just … peanut butter. I added some lettuce and tomato on spicy Christmas bread. This was my dinner, along with a fruit, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, plum tomatoes, biscuits and seed crackers.

Language practice

I feel I am improving slightly with Arabic scripture.. I have been practicing with the app Drops the last months.

I’m a genius (masc). I’m an engineer (fem), I’m a blogger (fem), I’m a man (masc), I’m an engineer (masc), I’m an artist (masc)

Making some memory rules helps, and also pronouncing each sound out loud. Still, nothing beats daily exposure among natives! But I unfortunately I don’t have an Arab friend and family to (ab)use XD. Though I saw a girl I almost fell in love with the other day on the bus.. well, I think she might know Arabic.. it’s not always easy to know… at least her smile was out of this world and made a place between my solar plexus and heart feel funny, in a good way. If I see her again I must ask. Ask or die, as it should be. And then, if she does know Arabic, I can write poems and love letters and finally have a purpose for learning it (except to take over the world of course).

Colorful commission

After a discussion with my closest artist friend made a checklist and plan for the adjustments that came to mind. In this way this commission should be finished in the beginning of January.

Shading with colors is a novel experience for me. I almost exclusively employed either pencil or black ink.

432 Hz vs 440 Hz tuning

I tuned some string instruments in the house to 432 Hz for fun (let’s see if someone notices!). In this way, as long as one plays in even beats per minute, the tones in general will harmonize more evenly with the beat, but only as long as we use standard seconds.

It is NOT obvious with the simplest example, where we just play quarter notes an open A-string in 120 bpm. With the guitar is tuned to A=432 Hz the string will make 432/2 = 216 movements back and forth during that quarter note, and tuned to 440 Hz, it will make 220. So here it seems to be no difference. But when we start playing other notes, it becomes notable. Lets compare frequencies in a table:

NoteA=432 (Pythagorean)A=440 (equal temperament
F341 1/3349.23

Seems like 432 has more whole number frequencies! What’s the secret? I would say that since we can factorize 432 into 2*2*2*2*3*3*3, with no larger prime than 3, its a “very divisible number”, which the Pythagorean tuning can take advantage of. What about 440? Divide by 2, get 220, divide by 2 again, get 110, divide by 2 again, get 55, divide by 5, get 11. So 2*2*2*5*11 = 440, a bit less so with only five factors.

Maybe you heard some conspiracy theories about 432 Hz being “more spiritual”, as if it is somehow superior and 440 is “evil”. I don’t buy it. There is nothing “good” or “bad” about numbers or frequencies. All existence is spiritual and ultimately good and evil do not exist, it’s all the same effing’ indivisible consciousness. In actual reality there is no ultimate speakable reference frame, not even to say that the number “one” exists! Making judgements of one thing being ultimately ‘better’ than another is ego-distraction. My advice for spiritually connecting is to be non-religiously religious, look for paradoxes and everything out of the ordinary, even in the ordinary and embrace it. Love the crap out of everything.

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