Saturday Sermon

This week I was at my first “real” job interview.. felt really weird..

just, that I hadn’t imagined I would be as much the interviewer as the interviewed.. there was always the idea in my mind that the one applying is getting interviewed

so, it was a totally new experience. Similar to going to a funeral, I haven’t been at one for over 20 years.

I kind of feel like I live in a dead culture that just hasn’t gotten over burying itself.. does that make sense?

I miss my old happy self.. it hurts..

Will love cure me? When I let it out, I get all this weird resistance from the environment around me, since I am back at family and culture I thought I left behind.

Like the quote: “love is the answer while we wait for the question”, I think we are always safe, just the thought, the doubt is making us feel and act as we are not. It is like everyone desperately wants to break out of the norm, acting as if it is necessary but secretly wanting to be rid of all of it

Less attached, just being.

I was once really in love.. the attached kind. No good, feels great until boom you are crushed. But applying the feeling, memory on oneself is liberating — then we can love everyone. The thing is, love itself is not particular to people.. just the mind makes it so, but that’s just ideas.

I think awareness, being itself, is love. That is why religions say God is love, and why awareness is so important. It means, we are always actually free, just unconscious of it.

The more aware we are, the less importance is who said and did what.

What are your thoughts on this? Tell me what you think in a comment!

(Note: Thanks to my friend Mai ElGabry for the chat which turned into this post)

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