Lakeside photos • The ultimate nut & berry taste combo? • We all deserve love • Profound Eating Exercise

Lakeside photos

Walking to the lake again today, taking pictures with my FairPhone2. It is the only properly modular cellphone I know. Kick-ass. I look forward to this becoming industry standard eventually.

I found a solar-powered Canadian laptop ( ) but I’m unsure about its upgradability/modularity. Neither do the company say anything about the ethics of its production chain. Fail!

Let me know if you know of a better alternative!

The ultimate Nut & Berry taste combo?

The winner from last year’s dried berry+nut trial. Out of perhaps 16 combinations, macadamia nuts and dried blueberries was the killer!

I did more taste variations

On the plate: Macadamia nuts,  dried blueberries, frozen blueberries and raspberries on maiz-crackers with peanut butter. Tofu with cooked root veggies (probably carrot and rutabaga, sorry, I wasn’t the chef of these) and strawberries.

Out of these, strawberry with tofu was a new winner in my opinion.

In the bowl I had peanuts, hawthorn berries, hemp seeds, cocoa powder and nutritional yeast. I also tried some basil oil. Potent stuff!

If you use any of these combos in your next bestselling product, remember to give some credit! XD

Digital Gardening and Interior Furnishing

Episode 10 of the Acacian Ascendancy in b³O is up one day earlier this week. I did decoration with plants and mushrooms, and the first bit of furnishing, as well as some practical crafting (making furnace fuel and windows).

Some pics:

windows on the eastern side

The video, in case you want to watch.

Skipping the complicated microphone setup of last week I just used the simple headset I used before to reduce the amount of editing in Audacity. Just noise reduction, high-pass filter (all above 60 Hz) and 1-2 rounds of compression and normalization. There is however a strange click-sound playing here and there. I haven’t tracked down the source of it. Hopefully its bearable.

We All Deserve Love

Rereading Teal Swan’s excellent book ‘Shadows Before Dawn —Finding the light of self through self-love’ I was just reminded of this. We all deserve love and loving ourselves is not bad, nor is being selfish anything that needs to come at the expense of anyone else. Ultimately we are not separate from the perceived external world, and enlightenment, love and healing is is about reducing that illusion of separateness.

Profound Eating Exercise, a “taste” of Enlightenment

 I think a problem our world in general has in spades is an overdose of the sense of having to, but not being able to control things. We could say it is an imbalance of energy, of having to be the subject, but being the object. We feel like the world is happening to us but we, only wanting to be subjects, and the world being sensed as mostly object, we have to control some part of it, ‘or else’. This is the source of anxiety and fear.

Ultimately, subject and object are arbitrary concepts, and we usually project what is subject and what is object unconsciously. But, if we instead do it consciously, we can balance out the perception of subject and object and access more fundamental parts of consciousness. Are you ready to try it? Then read on and follow the instructions. It is fun and easy, but still very transforming. It also works no matter who you are.

Here’s what to do:

Take any piece of food. Don’t eat it. First, do your best to be the feeder (as you would feed someone else, let’s say a lover, a baby or an animal). Now as give yourself the the food and pretend to be the one fed at the same time!

Did you do it? If you did it properly you should have felt that the food and arm feeding was the ‘you acting’, and the head, mouth and stomach eating was the ‘you that was acted upon’. Then you got a small glimpse of what a complete non-dual experience of reality entails. That is, the mind-blowing experience where the perception of subjects and objects completely ceases or merges. This is also termed ‘enlightenment’! I’m collecting other terms for it here: (if you know of ones I’ve missed, please leave a comment!)

So imagine instead of just those parts of your body, the experience extending to ALL PERCEIVED EXISTENCE. That means that in every single moment, every sight, sound, touch, thought, and so on, is perceived as being both/neither subject and object. That’s a whole other level. It is totally doable, if you set your mind to it. The best way to experience it is begin by removing all distractions and sit or lie down in a complete silent, preferably empty room for enough time, no matter how long it takes and just do nothing. If you start with half an hour every day it can take years, but, from my own experience, I can tell you it is absolutely worth it.  A side-effect from doing this, is that all anxiety and fear gets completely obliterated.

As a bonus, snowy trees:

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