Contrasting symbolic and nonsymbolic reality — A conceptual sketch

This model particularly focuses on the imaginary limitations of the “human mind”, as perceived while “in it” and can serve as a loose guide to look “outside it”.

sketch of a model of reality
sketch of a model of reality

Something to right side of to the axis of meaning (on morality), partly written in other notes: “has to be meaningful/good”, as a judgement about any activity drains actual enjoyment and meaning by adding anxiety and compulsion to perceived participants and suffocating actual expression and authenticity.

The three world x, y and z show only one example of interaction, in this case of a writer of “fiction” and a reader and what can happen as a being breaks the barriers between narratives constructing “worlds” or special consensus realities.

Credits to Leo Gura of for bringing up the ideas of pseudo-spirituality as showing the beauty of God mostly unconsciously in contrast to actual spirituality. Other sources; Alan Watts, Buddhism, Christianity, Functional Analysis, plus personal experiences of non-duality and imagination in relation to atemporal existence, from which in parts are rifts and shifts in reality strongly indicating linear history and time as well as all borders of “real” and “fiction” as experiential conveniences rather than absolute necessities.

Now, as per usual, food pics.

Drink: Fresh coconut water with soy milk

Main course: Linen and chia seeds soaked in water overnight. Cashews, slices of grape, kiwi, mango, avocado, fresh coconut. Pomegranate seeds, frozen blueberries.

Side dish: Sourdough rye crackers with peanut butter, grinded salad bowl and lingonberry jam.

fresh fruity food

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