Mani(c) Monday

This morning I had the second round of cleaning up my teeth from the abandoned bracers. My dentist Mani and his assistant did a great job. I did too, not freaking out at all =D.

Not ready for Bollywood, but you should have seen them before =D

After getting my teeth professionally drilled, grinded and polished I bought dental floss, grape fruits, persimmons, ginger root, a coconut and an organic soy yogurt at the coop supermarket next door. Funnily, the clerks name was an anagram of the dentist’s; Amin

Preparing for next months application

I feel so proper lining up these papers. Dentist invoices, decision from UIF, job search report from employment agency and transaction register from the bank account.

Trilingual winter pot

I had let a pot of chickpeas stand soaked in cold water in a corner of the kitchen since yesterday evening. These I washed and then put on the stove on low heat for two hours. In the meanwhile I apply for two jobs, one as a teacher in Swedish for immigrants in Skärholmen, and the other as a teacher of physical education for Stockholm Science and Innovation school in Kista.

After simmering for around an hour I added the other ingredients. Let’s practice some Arabic and Hindi with them:

Ingredients / مكونات (mukawinata) / सामग्री (saamagree)

  • Carrot / جزرة (juzra) / गाजर (gaajar)
  • Celery root / جذر الكرفس (jidhr alkarfus) / अजवाइन की जड़ (ajavain kee jad)
  • Chick peas / الحمص (alhams) / चने (chane)
  • Rutabaga / اللفت الأصفر (allaft al’asfar) / शलजम (shalajam)

Remember to read the arabic scripture from right to left! To prevent the cursor from getting lost in the list above I paste in translations from google translate in the middle between two blank spaces. If I paste in the end of a sentence I have trouble writing past it XD

So good I go for seconds..  I had soaked chia and flax seeds overnight in addition to the chick peas. These are great sources for omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Frozen berries, pieces of red grape, a splash of soy yogurt and a piece of thin fibrous hard bread also gets a swim in the soup.

And thirds

This time I add slices of pine apple, cashew, peanuts, hemp seeds and yellow raisins.

Winter jacket

I bought a jacket earlier of organic cotton, but I think it does better as a autumn/spring jacket! Especially when the temperatures hit the real low degrees below zero like it usually does in January and February here. So I get over the doubts and order this jacket from Ukraine via Etsy. I choose the red model, I want to be more colorful and not only wear black, blue and grey. I like that the jacket opens on the side and not like most do, in the middle. It is partly made of hemp which is a great plus, I think hemp is greatly undervalued, probably due to cultural stigma. I’m excited to show the jacket for you once it arrives! Deciding between sizes M and L, I pick L, even though I measure my chest in the 90-100 cm range. This way I got something to grow into! I want to be able to wear the jacket also after doing pushups and pull-ups, going to the gym or any work involving heavier physical activity.

More Food Shopping and Blog Promotion

I combine listening to an audio book with walking to the nearest supermarket for peanut butter (hm.. I might be a bit of an addict, but peanut is such a great protein source!). As I exit, I notice it is snowing!

Snow and light effects
the camera on my FairPhone 2 creates a curious flower effect from the street light

The audio book is a bit dry, and I don’t listen to it much. Instead I think about where I would like to live in the future. I looked at Hawaii the other day, but it seems a bit rigid. Maybe I’m destined to travel?

At the store I also buy two avocados and a packet of sour dough rye bread biscuits. More fiber and less carbohydrates than soft bread.

Going home I almost forget to leave the handwritten cards promoting I leave the groceries inside and head out to place four in the neighbors mailboxes. I skip one box since it has a sticker saying no to advertisement. They are obviously  enlightened enough! =D

Meditation into Spiritual Silliness

Back at home I do 25 minutes of guided meditation, coming just to the point of noticing thoughts as separate entities. After I meditated I decide to feel about my parents as if they are just some good ol’ folks I happen to live with at the moment, let go of being triggered by any repetitiveness I don’t agree with.

After that I browse Facebook and chat with a new friend, who has a photo of her Chihuahua instead of herself on her page and think I am

  1. Funny
  2. French

Not sure about neither… I answer that I am as French as only a Swede can be, speaking better French than the French themselves (the latter perhaps not true, but something my French teacher in High School was guilty of). I am usually too serious, but tonight I feel a bit more like laughing than usual. The photo of the Chihuahua reminds me of how stupidly I unconsciously judge people based on their physical appearance. I definitely have taken many steps backwards on the path to self-realization since I came to Sweden. The work never ceases!

I watch a video with Swami Vishnudevananda Saraswati. I like the woman among his students who after falling over just smiled and got around again for another headstand. I do a spontaneous session of my own. Look at life in the world of forms like child’s play!

I hang from the ceiling for a while to stretch out my shoulders and spine. For some reason an image of Leo Gura of with a parrot on his shoulders come to mind. As I sit down again, I remember its because I have imagined that I will meet him on a tropical island one day to save the world together. Wouldn’t that be cool? The parrot looks like those in Minecraft. By the way, have you watched my latest episode? I know, the audio quality still sucks. =D

Far from the genius I was when I imagined the save-the-world-scenario, I still know everyone is geniuses in-potential. From the experiences last year, I can hardly overemphasize how much non-vegan food or even food in general dumb one down… The curious thing is however, since I came to Sweden and suffered the loss of perceived freedom my blog stats have sky-rocketed, even if my level of awareness is perhaps 1/1,000,000 of what it was at its peak over two years ago. What would happen if I could get back into a high-consciousness environment? Uncertain, it seems truly seems like success is not correlated to high or low consciousness. Consistency reigns more supreme.

My desk is flooded with things, but I go to sleep without further thought.

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