Walking the edge of the matrix

To properly prepare for a mystical experience I did this guided meditation by Leo Gura, followed by a short breathing exercise as described in this video by Mantak Chia, and then took a walk outdoors, with the aim to find someplace to read Cicero’s letters to Atticus for twenty minutes.

waterdrop on branch of pine

I had only walked perhaps hundred meters before this drop of water caught my attention. What an odd mystery is existence; time, movement, appearances! I  filmed it as well, to give you a better picture of what it felt like.

Next to the water drop was this large fir tree. I felt how strange a being it is, something which just grows and grows.

pine tree branches

And perhaps even stranger, this thing I assume to be me standing next to it, experiencing and thinking about it. Not growing in the same sense at all, but walking around and participating in the majestic magic of matter apparent.

Walking a few more hundred meters I end up in this glade where I lean against a tree and read for fifteen minutes. As Cicero write about the library he wants for his retirement I get a sense of what a tiny subset of reality most humans have lived in for the last millennia. We create cocoons around us, or, to put it in the terms of my upcoming book ‘A Treatise On Truth‘, special consensus realities, and we live in them, thinking they are real.

humid coniferous forest

As I walk home I get a glimpse of how it is to have the mind’s virtual reality filter removed, by contrastively sensing how extremely busy it is filtering all perceived objects as the most advanced artificial intelligence known to date; it is continuously sorting objects, where trees are, where the path is, where to look, where to place my footsteps. And mixing thoughts from the past with new impressions to store new memories. I observe it with the meta-sense we might call self observation.

One day “I” will leave all of it behind.

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