Shopping sustainable vegan art supplies and outfit

Who was the hero in this journey? Well it was me, your blogger who faced the chilly winter land of Stockholm yesterday, and today has taken photos to document what came out of it. In no way affiliated, paid or sponsored for displaying any of the products below, I simply enjoy them and what they stand for, and hope to help others who think like-wise.


I had these cruelty-free shoes from before. They are comfy and took me all the way from Vallentuna, around Södermalm and Norrmalm and back again with the commuting train.


After searching through two large thrift stores without anything vegan or sustainable enough, and in doubt whether to order a jacket made out of hemp online or not, I decided on this jacket from organic cotton from dedicatedbrand. Many pockets for a traveling artist!

Art supplies

I went to three different art stores, to things I really wanted. What appeals most to me has long lasting quality and is usually elegant, small and portable.

Single Items

In addition to a stack of brown paper, a clean square notebook and five larger sheets on sale, here are individual items.

Blending stomp

Charcoal crayons


I found these in a box on sale and got a lucky seven of different colors.


To cut paper and even for sharpening pencils.

Colored Ink Brush Pens

I had borrowed a set of colored ink pens, but with thin nibs. These brush pens can better fill in surfaces. Thanks to for doing the research about which brands are cruelty-free!


Thanks to the app HappyCow I had found out about Lao Wai. I had a great time conversing with both the owner, staff and other guests and did my best to try the most interesting choices; Hai Dai Dou Bao as starter, Qing Hui Bai Ye as main course and Bing Qi Lin with Pandan leaf as dessert.

Try out

Waiting for the train back I had 20 minutes to try all the different materials


I saved the wrapping of the art supplies to be useful again; the carton pieces to write insights on, the large plastic to protect and transport drawings in humid weather and the pen holders for … well perhaps pens? I eventually want to create a custom pen holder out of wood, similar to one I now look to sell.

Next day


Remote camera

I knew my camera had a remote function, but until now I hadn’t used it. I have been missing out!

I can relax and just let the phone do the job! The sunlight in to the sofa-bed invited for some shadow play. Can you see what figures I am trying to make?

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