First Day of Frost : A Celebratory Photowalk!

Last Saturday, the 24th of November 2018 I reached 100 blog posts on I got some of the most magical photographs I yet taken the same day.

In Sweden daylight is limited to a few hours during winter. It is already sunset past 3 p.m.! So when I spotted this rare and precious light at noon I got out with without second thoughts.

I relaxed while walking and subconsciously felt my eyes were a camera drawn to scenes with the potential of amazing photographs. I usually try to limit the time spent looking in any place which does not feel good enough, but this day I had an opposite experience: Everywhere I looked it were stunningly beautiful crystalline reflections of sunlight in the frost on colorful trees.

I took over 60 photos before I returned, with the sun already setting.

At home I started selecting among the photos, first directly on the camera. I kept only the best photos from doubles of the same motif. Then I transferred the photographs to a temporary folder on the computer and sorted them. I placed photographs I could easily enhance into a folder named modify, with sub-folders named by the method to apply and the rest into folders based on their quality.

Below I present you with the sorted photographs along with my reasoning around them. First we go through the modifications, then from the worst photographs all the way to the very best at the end!

To save time, energy and space I batch-resized them before the upload to either 900×600 or 600×900 pixels. The originals are either 3984 x 2656 or 2656 x 3984, depending on the rotation. The only exception is one cropped photo.



There were dust on the lens of the wide objective, very notable against the blue sky in the photos to the left. By selecting an area next to the dust with the stamp tool and applying it over it in a photo editing software these photos were rescued.


This was cropped to remove the branches in the top right. It still has the dust mark from the wide lens visible on the right edge of the white tree.

I had more photos I thought need cropping, but at a second glance, I thought they were better left untouched. What do you think?

I also leave it to you to decide which quality these are. Below are the once I classified.


I took this because I think green lichen and red granite complement very well, but resulting photograph was so poor in quality that even with auto-fix in Pixlr I could not rescue it.

The exposure and ISO settings were off and as a result this photo is too dark to do justice to the magnificent colors of the tree

There are a variety of trees, but taking this photo I had no clear intent. Neither the tree trunks nor the crowns of the trees are brought out.

This photo was overexposed and not focused. I still think the black, white and grey-scale patterns of the birch tree against the green background of conifers are beautiful.


These had some thought behind them but my execution was poor. I might save them as a reference for art or Minecraft


These were all good photographs in my opinion.


Here I felt I captured the special atmosphere and light of the day


I feel these got some extra magic in them. What do you think?


Here I am not talking about quality of photographs, people I met. By the lake shore next to the rune stones of Arkils Tingstad were Alex y Paulina, an endearing couple from Philadelphia who shared an openhearted moment with me. Alex let me photograph him before they headed on with their vacation.

I take portraits very seldom and I’m sure you can see that I need more practice. This time I failed to remember the essentials of photography, I was not conscious about the direction of the light in the photograph above and the face of Alex is too dark. I think taking a photo from the left side of the shore would have been better.

I also met some of my friendly neighbors on the way home, but forgot to ask for a photo. Perhaps next time!

I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing the photos as much as I did taking them and writing! Don’t forget to leave me a comment and a like if did! Follow the blog if you are interested in more of my writings and share it with a friend if you think it there was something helpful!

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