Promised workout result

I promised on my instagram that I would post how many pushups and pullups I did before dinner. Similar to a Tabata high intensity training, I had no rest periods between the exercises besides jumping down to the floor and up to hang from the ceiling. I pushed until I failed to do one complete repetition of each. Here are my numbers for you to beat

  • 20 pushups
  • 7 pullups
  • 6 pushups
  • 3 pullups
  • 4 pushups
  • 1½ pullup
  • 3 pushups
  • 1 pullup
  • 2 pushups
  • ½ pullup
  • 1 pushup

Total: 36 pushups and 13 pullups

Post workout, pre shower selfie ( don’t worry, I’m in pajamas pants =D, but perhaps I should cover my nipple in sympathy with any victims of morality police ).

Post-workout,  pre-shower selfie of
Featuring trusty coral Fairphone 2

Looking at the photo, I can see I need to drink more water! Only teas, even if rooibos and chamomile infusion don’t hydrate enough, especially now that we have below zero degrees here in wintry Sweden.

Have a wonderful weekend! Peace!

(by the way, I am in no way sponsored by Fairphone, I just love their product and way of thinking)

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