ProFoundational Friday

From binge to infinity and back

Follow me along a train of thought.

After eating just enough breakfast, the craving. An onslaught of desire for bread, seeds and peanut butter.

First guilt,  but then, knowing it leads nowhere, acceptance into higher awareness. Observing the physical actions: Still filling up the stomach. Now sensing each taste as is, as pure raw data.

Looking out through the window. Sunlight playing among the tree branches. Leaves in the wind.

Everyone is full of shit. I am, you are, the government, culture, history, science, all religions, yes, everything within the human mind.

The sensation of the absolute. Not judging anything. The potential energy for manifestations, always infinite.

The first division from the absolute: Beauty of being.

Global awareness from watching nature at play. Joy at existing in this division of consciousness which appears to have three dimensions and time.

Inspiration to transmit passion and enthusiasm by a blog post. Added thought: with photographs. to get my lazy ass outdoors, where Infinity most closely beckons.

leaves in sunset

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