Road to Recovery Continued

Yoga was the first thing I did today. Then the scheduled visit to the Social Agency where I met with two delightfully friendly and helpful people (who unfortunately didn’t want to appear on photographs). At least I have the luminous reception to show you!

My father also joined me, being very helpful remembering details I had forgotten.

I got to talk about my life and my hopes and dreams for the future, that I want to live independently on income from my blog, music, art, gaming, writing and other activities. I will receive social aid for food, clothes, rent and also extra things necessary for applying for jobs, like a commuter card! This will all be very helpful! As you might know if you have followed the blog for a while, I lost all my savings and possessions during the last years abroad, and still have a large debt to pay to my landlord (if you are interested in giving a hand, there is a fundraiser on facebook: . With only four days left, it could really need some help!)

After the meeting my father and I took a walk by the winter lakeside. We saw a building which looked like it had been a windmill. I took photos, but they didn’t turn out well. I need to be more focused with my photography. At least I got you these.

the road we walked

Lot’s of birds singing even on this winter today.

stone church of Vallentuna

I really like the colorful stones and the architecture of this little church.

Wake up caller looking west!

Swedish graveyard with grass, flowers and tombstones

The gravel along the pathways around the graveyard has a red tint which nicely harmonizes with the color of the church.

At home I felt harsh denying my father to copy the card from the social worker, but it was the correct choice according to the legislative rules we signed today, and I think we are better off both of us in this way. It actually motivated me to work hard on the drawing I am making. I am getting better at selecting the order of mediums to use, now starting with ink pens directly after pencils, to avoid the trouble adding details I had in ‘Gry‘.

I love adding little detail

I uploaded a more detailed progress report to my instagram account dedicated to art: @avion_photon_art

Delicious Dinner for Dark Winter Days

After working so diligently with the art I felt motivated to interact with other instagrammers, giving supportive comments. By good fortune I got a nice idea for dinner from one of them, to make a soup from these vegetables:

Jerusalem artichokes
These are rapidly becoming my favorite since coming back to Sweden). They are very similar potatoes nutrient-wise.  The largest difference I could spot, glancing at the tables on Wikipedia is that the artichokes have about four times more iron.

Full of vitamin A for the immune system and the vision. I think I put four of them

A relative to carrot but very different. I really like the taste! Balanced in vitamins B, C, E and K.

With vitamins C and K. Just one of my favorite fantastic fractal ‘fruits’ 🙂

This is such a wonderful aromatic vegetable. It has oils which scents are similar to licorice, mint, camphor and mushroom!

A food I usually avoid. It is classified as creating dullness according to yogi diet. However, I think it might be less problematic gently boiled instead of raw or fried.

Red bell pepper
Packed with vitamin C to protect against any colds!

Red cabbage
I added them as a second thought and they gave a the wonderful color to the soup.

I also added a small pinch of sea salt and half a cube of vegetable stock.

vegan vegetable soup
Soup pot boiling!

Together with the soup I had a nut-filled soft bread and hard bread. Both with peanut butter, finely sliced fresh ginger root and rucola leaves. The ginger was forgotten and gave me a shock, in a good way! Ginger help clear mucus, something which is troubling me especially when I want to speak clearly or sing for recordings.

plant-based vegan dinner: rich vegetable soup, bread with peanut butter, rucola and avocado. Blueberry juice diluted with water, 1:5
Some say perfection does not exist, but this was just that … perfect!
Such green goodness!

Please Veganize my Parents!

My mother, even though giving great advice for what to put in soups, still doesn’t want to openly accept that she would be better of vegan or at least eating plant-based, thinking that there is somehow a big difference between bodies, even thought I reminded her of my tough times during upper secondary school after eating a very similar dish as they had today with minced meat. It feels so hard knowing that she would be better off without it. At least both my parents accepted the invitation to try the soup!

The dinner was just right in amount and I felt fine doing a short workout directly! I did a 4×4  circuit similar to the one I posted on the instagram account @calyogymoves. My body is building up muscles, much more than I had a few months ago. Even though it might mainly be from the calishtenics, I think the yoga is contributing more than I give it credit for. Especially by helping the whole metabolism work properly, but also poses such as cobra, headstand and the eagle work many muscles.

body on plantbased vegan diet
After two and a half months of strictly plant-based, vegan diet. The future is vegan!

Time for at least 20 minutes of meditation and sleep!

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