Throwback Tuesday

I began the morning reordering the joint bedroom and office for a more harmonious environment. Then I had this glorious breakfast

vegan breakfast plate
color wheel!

In the afternoon I began learning node.js and JavaScript in conjunction with finally getting my feet wet in the DaMP project! The first goal is be able to scrape a webpage without having to install any additional frameworks. I want to keep everything as light-weight as possible.

Coding made me think of the days working at the office hotel Generalen in Uppsala, and I even went for the customary but not mandatory ‘fika’ (coffee break) at 15.00. Those were the days when I first got really into spirituality, doing yoga every morning and reading about Buddhism, Hinduism and Daoism. Texts like the Tao Te Ching, Bhagavad Gita and others. I began having interesting experiences, for example ‘becoming’ the music I listened to in headphones.

a vegan coder's coffee break
cleaner room and desk => cleaner code! 

I drank a caffeine free coffee with soy milk, after first preparing my body with two glasses of water to not get dehydrated. On the plate I had frozen blueberries, lingonberries and organic crunchy peanut butter spread on sourdough bread.

Later I checked the results from the Halloween competition on Planet Minecraft. The build I created, a pumpkin house in a 4-biome joint point got place 16 out of 56 submitted entries. Hooray! Here is how my entry looked like:

The highest score it got was on  concept & originality, 42 out of 100. The other scores were technique & execution, on which it got 34, and it got 35 on presentation. So, I have a lot to improve on!
Here is how it looks like at the moment, after continuing for another YouTube episode.

My vegan dinner together with my non-vegan parents was mung beans, spinach, lettuce,  honeydew melon, radishes and tofu fried in mushroom soy. I took a photo, but unfortunately the lighting was not enough, so it didn’t qualify for publishing.

Now I will read about 22 mystics, meditate 22 minutes on ‘ten things you want but you don’t know you want’, and then listen to the heart for 22 minutes.

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