Managing Monday


Practicing Gratitude

I woke up really late, at 10. But since I wore socks and pajamas pants, leaving bed was not a problem. I had wanted to apply for a job between 7 and 8 in the morning, but since I had disrupted the schedule I had planned, I felt reluctant against doing anything! Luckily I remembered a good practice: to make a list of things to feel grateful for. I did it and instantly felt most of the resistance and negativity dissolve.

I wrote the 10 things the first came to mind, without censoring. Interestingly, the things I felt reluctance to appeared very quickly.

  • Being part of a good social security system
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Music
  • Being clean and healthy
  • Meditation
  • Applying for jobs
  • Schedules
  • My parents
  • Positive vegans
  • Myself

Shower and Exercise

I went for a walk, but couldn’t resist jogging a while too. Then I had a shower.

Face and upper body of relaxed after shower
relaxed after the shower



I decided to eat lunch-like food even if I had not had breakfast, since this will get my body better adapted to a regular circadian rhythm. I invited my father to falafels (spicy chickpea balls), red cabbage, cucumber and rucola. We ate together at the dining table and talked for some length about physiological and mental health. I might heed my fathers advice and visit a psychologist and apply for sick leave.

Job Search and CV updates

I then meditated before applying for the second job this month. This one is as a junior UX-designer at the Swedish public service television, for a consultancy firm. My resume and cv-writing skills are rapidly improving. I took me one and a half hour to write a new cv and personal letter, then one hour to update my Swedish job search report, including correcting links from before. I maintained good discipline and updated both the English and Swedish source-cv I adapt when applying for individual jobs. These also help with self reflection and keeping track of what I actually know.

I added several entries under self-studies and also a section for perceived chakra energy levels. Like so many people living in the materialistic western scientific-minded culture of today I am very much in my head, with little time and awareness spent elsewhere. Usually when I perceive a chakra activating, it is either at the base of the spine or around the heart. I think I am blocked by too low self-esteem, fear of rejection and other inhibitions to sense the other ones, although I have sensed the throat chakra activate a few brief moments during the last two years.

30 Minute Logotype Design

I registered another wordpress blog. first only with the intent of having a place to migrate my gaming content from this site. But thanks to how the logotype grew, I decided it will a community site. Here it is along with my thoughts and feelings during the creation process:

First logotype for Conscious Vegan Gaming

I made good use of text, and especially the Ubuntu font. I started with a background color somewhere around turqoise (#13b3b3 if I remember correctly) to associate to sea life, lagoons and coral reefs. I added first a C, then a G. This felt to close to CG for computer graphics, so I joined the letters with a v. Here is where I felt like conscious gaming should be conscious vegan gaming. More niche and less generic, it follows current trends in the world. I added a dot . inside to the C to be less rigid, and changed the G to a g, before it felt to close to an anagram for Swedish king Carl Gustaf =). I put hyphens (—) underneath, but felt they were to stiff and swapped them for tildes ~ to have it more organic.

I like the ambiguity of the forms; it could look like a bird or a scissor. But I would still like to make it a bit more warm and playful. Let me know if you have suggestions.

Dinner and Evening

Dinner today was inspired by chakras. I did my best to include as many colors I could, as well as balance them. The hardest color to find was blue. But at least it has blueberries.

Vegan dinner for all chakras, side view
Vegan dinner for all chakras, top view
Make this as a symmetric mandala to take it to another level!

I felt it was a bit heavy on carbohydrates with half a banana, two slices of soft bread and one of hard bread. But the closeup photos turned better than I expected!

Vegan dinner for chakras, closeup of kelp noodles, chia seeds and mint
Kelp noodles look like optic fiber
The bluest food I could find

After dinner I edited the photos, practiced Hindustani singing with an app and tried another app for learning Chinese. Now I will develop characters for the game world b³O, while relaxing in bed. Good Night!

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