(Art Expo)², Brinner and b³O

Art-saturated Saturday! I just woke up, practiced yoga, drank a green tea, suited up and left home in the car with my mother.

@ Överby gård

First we went to retrieve her paintings from the Art Centre Överby Gård where she had participated in the previous exhibition.

@ Cultural Association of Sigtuna (Sigtuna Konstnärsförening)

Next we went to this exposition with contemporary art from all around Sweden. It is at Sätunatorg, Stationsgatan nr 1, Märsta, Sweden, and open between 11 A.M. to 16 P.M. Tuesdays to Sundays until November the 25th

Pressed for time, I handed in Gry very late. It was still gracefully accepted by the jury. I wish I had found a better frame.

@ Dinner

What would this blog be without food like this?

Glorious vegan dinner =D

Grinded carrot, red cabbage and spinach. Mandarin, pineapple, cocoa flakes, chia seeds. Jasmine rice and tofu in mushroom sauce with soy yogurt. Peanut butter and frozen raspberries on dark aromatic bread. Heaven is where cruelty-free compassionate healing hearty food is.

@ b³O

The video series in the world b³O is really taking off! I added a thrilling opening with music to this fifth episode. My narrative is becoming more calmly and clearly spoken, and I’m getting a good flow between the new building and explaining and visiting past ones.

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