Monday. Meming. Music. Munching. Meditation. Michael and More.

Started the day by applying for a pretty awesome job within business intelligence with plenty of opportunities for learning and growth. Requested skills were knowledge of programming languages like Python and good English skills, both of which I’ve got plenty. I sliced down my messy CV meticulously before applying and felt like a match.


Something in me told me to be less serious today. Facebook immediately responded by suggesting me to repost a meme from a year ago with Confucius. I decided to be more creative and contribute to gender equality by making a female copycat (memes should be very cloney in my opinion). Registered for the first time at an online meme-making service. Started with Giovanna Battista Tiepolo.

Who’s out there causing this?
Well, I’m sorry, if you don’t know it’s you, you are not enlightened!

But then decided Teresa of Ávila was a better mirror of Confucius. Less martyr and more sage.

A match made in heaven? Of course. Heaven is where our planet is always spinning around. Testicles or ovaries, either way, the organs of heaven are at play.


Since I couldn’t find a good app on Google Play for making advanced drum beats, I instead intended to install my go-to drum machine software on the laptop. However, first I had to deal with the low disc space. Thankfully disc space is re-assignable while running the desktop OS in Ubuntu 18.04. I started gparted and removed the swap partition. Then I extended the root partition onto half the freed space. Finally I added back the swap again on the rest.

root disc for apps and temporary work
DATA for larger files; photographs, audio recordings and video clips
gdrive is an artfully architected multi-purpose composition of google-drives mounted locally but actually ‘in the clouds’

This leaves only 4 GB swap, but I don’t think I exceed the 8 GB of RAM very often anyways. With this out of the way, I could focus on being creative and produce a music video.

Love this smooth software!

Have I mastered video editing? Not yet. But today I learnt to add transitions between clips. So simple, just make the clips overlap, right-click and chose a transition type. I also added a title clip. I should probably have made a template clip first to be professional. I have another opportunity next week.

I am beginning to feel like a real composer for movies. The track will be the intro to this Minecraft Let’s Play series and I will add bass guitar, keyboard and vocals, plus something to mix it up during the coming days. I will mix it on Friday to have everything ready for recording, editing and upload between Saturday and Sunday. I dedicate it to Michael Saunders, the first donator on this fundraiser on Facebook. It will be awesome.


Finally dinner. A good healthy mix. Boiled rice, pumpkin, potatoes, and red beets with apple, cashew nuts and mint herb leaves. Beans, soy yoghurt, papaya and chia seeds. Cucumber on seed crackers with peanut butter and walnuts.

If you eat food that makes you fart, make sure you eat smart. Go Vegan!

Readied my pen to put down a poem post repast. Posted it to

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#vegan #poet #poetry

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After dinner (which is what most make me a sinner) I missed meditation.. To get back into higher consciousness I spent time on the toilet observing thoughts and sensations, with the question ‘what is time?’ as the perfect mind-breaker to get traction on actuality and reality. Another question ‘what is God?’ worked very well to become present. Even as I type this I awake and realize I haven’t been breathing consciously for a few hours!

I sat for a while with my next art piece. My mother reminded me of my talent for sketching after which I felt more confident. I decided the direction of the main light source and good progress came.. Adding colors, shading and detail will be a blast with a basis I believe in.

I met another Michael today thanks to Google featuring Michael L Dertouzos. I found an interesting interview with him to read and get insights into the development of distributed software and A.I. Michel L Dertouzos is on my wavelength, I agree on the arbitrary distinctions between A.I. and computer science. In fact, I like to take it one step (or perhaps a whole sprint) further and say that there is no intelligence apart from the one and same infinite intelligence. It’s just so intelligent that it even fools itself into appearing as different. As humanity we are just an idea inter-meshed inside it. If we honor it without identifying ourselves too rigidly we can transcend well beyond our current limitations.

Now going to bed with Krishnamurti, one of my favorite apparent external voices. This video will surely carry me into a more consciously contributing creator mindset for tomorrow.

My ego wants this man’s voice in my eardrums. It is leagues better than most other distractible options.

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