Biking and Walking • Website updates • Dinner

Yesterday I biked 6.6 km to a nearby overgrown lake called Angarnssjöängen. It is a beautiful natural reserve with a 6.5 km long marked trail around it.

Walking and occasionally jogging I met quite a few people. During the latter part of the first half I walked behind a photographer with a large telescopic objective. Eventually he stopped to set up the camera on a stand. Then, after turning towards the south again I greeted a smiling happy couple. Along a boardwalk I met a family. They were slightly anxious that their dogs would disturb me, but I have no problem with dogs. Finally I saw a woman riding a horse into the forest as I came back to my bike.

It is near zero degrees here in Sweden, early November winter, and my fingers were barely able to move when I came back home.

Editing the website. See the moire effect?

The next day I spent mostly rearranging the menus on the website. Lot’s of improvements are coming up. I also started a fundraiser on Facebook. With friends chipping €5 each on average in I will be debt-free!

I had a great dinner! Soft pumpkin, mushrooms, rice, kidney beans and cauliflower topped with pumpkin and chia seeds.

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