Meditative Editing • Applying for Social Aid • Technology Testing: from Magellan through Brinner & Fair Phones to Gutenberg • Wordly Words

Video Editing as Meditation

This morning I woke up around 9, even though I had intended to wake up at 4! No official meditation or yoga, but I managed what I really had looked forward to; rendering the latest episode in my vegan and nonviolent Minecraft Survival series. And I got into a good flow working with Kdenlive, adding recorded video clips, storing the audio in separate files, applying normalization and noise reduction, adding the audio back again and trimming away the beginning of each clip where I alt-tab from the recording software and start, and the ends where I exit to the game menu and stop the recording. This went so smoothly it felt close to meditation!

If you’d like to watch the series, here is the link to the playlist on YouTube:

My voice almost inaudible in the first episode, but I am gradually improving the audio quality as I learn the tools.

I pushed myself to make time to record clips for an intro to the series! It won’t be in this weeks episode, but the next one! I will design a title and add suitable music. I scheduled time to compose and record a song during mornings next week!

Applying for Social Aid

I was worried a bit about my visit to the social administration in Vallentuna, that there would be some trouble.. But everything went super-smooth, and people were very friendly and helpful. First I went to the main municipal building and got clear directions towards the social administration office. I replied with a whole-hearted ‘tack så mycket!’, thank you very much’ in Swedish.

At the administration the friendly receptionist helped me find which  officer was already assigned to me. I got one with a beautiful name I won’t forget =)

Apparently I  I had prepared myself with these photos of the place I live at to show, but I couldn’t meet with her right away, but only through a booked meeting. The officers have ten days to review and decide on each application.

Personal living space

Shared living space

Art supplies and music equipment

Personal equipment

I got my officer’s number and left the application with all the papers in order along the handwritten calling card I had promised myself not to forget bring and hand over. Well, not really a calling card, since I didn’t write my phone number, just my name and the address to this website. Neither a business card, since I am unemployed. Perhaps just a card of courtesy? A courtesy card! I like how that sounds! Either way, both the receptionist and I thought it would be helpful to include it.

Technology Testing: from Magellan through Brinner & Fair Phones to Gutenberg

I wanted to make sure that my new debit card worked with the new code I chose (I have finally found one won’t forget, using my lucky numbers!)

First I thought about withdrawing money from an ATM, but then I decided against it. It would use more energy and leave me with cash to carry around, going against the whole idea of saving time and energy with electronic currency. Since the money is to be used to buy food anyway, I entered the supermarket Coop Konsum. I prefer them to other supermarket chains since they have more organic produce. Still, I got a bit dizzy passing by terrible things like the parts of dead animals, chocolate with milk from the imprisoned cows still so few seem to acknowledge, sodas with strange additives and finally alcoholic beverages ready to suck your soul out… It is strange how the culture of first world countries are in these aspects behind.. ahead materially but behind spiritually.. the veil of habit and identification clouding better judgement.. And now I am part of it again.

I know you are not supposed to show the card numbers.. So you get my fingers to admire!

What could I buy that would feel OK? I decided on organic quinoa, even though I guess it has been transported very far. I can cook it easily, it is very nutritious and I love the taste. It should last for at least 5 meals!

Meeting Magellan 😉

Just one item to blip for me Mr Magellan ;D

Having decided I approached a technology completely new to me: the self scanning device! Really cool, the customer scans the items to buy themselves, and then exit the supermarket using the printed receipt (though sending the receipt to the phone would improve this even further. And yes, my card worked!


Coming home and finding the latest episode of Flower Valley : Savanna rendered, the computer turned off by itself (through an option in Kdenlive) was an immensely rewarding feeling!

I uploaded the episode and spent the rest of the afternoon refining the video descriptions for the before mentioned video series and organizing screenshots from the written prequel as an online forum journal.

Trying my best to be as healthy as possible.

Finally I had breakfast (yes, you can break fast even in the evening) at around seven p.m.. A salad as the main dish: Raw red cabbage, carrots, and lettuce full of vitamins and fibers. Soy yoghurt with complete proteins. An apple sliced in cloves and a few small boiled potatoes for carbohydrates.. Dried tomatoes and olives for to satisfy the craving for ‘umami‘, the fifth taste after salty, sour, sweet and bitter. That craving, if left unchecked can lead people to binge on addictive things like deep fries and other junk foods. Here I am speaking from first-hand experience, I am not inventing anything. For over a year I observed both my own and other peoples behavior with food, mostly around a set of vending machines selling beverages, food and drink 24 hours per day and a candy store open from early morning to late evening.. Without going into any details, it was not a pretty sight… I feel so lucky to be alive and being vegan again.. I don’t think I ever can be thankful enough to everyone who helped me get back on track! But thank you, again! And again!

Back to the brinner (breakfast+dinner). Topping the salad with noodles from sea kelp. Kelp is an algae, rich in almost everything nutritious. For example, it has ten times as the a concentration of calcium compared to milk.

Fibrous bread with salad left over from my parents dinner, a bit of mango chutney because I like mango. Peanut butter, walnuts and cashews for proteins. Blueberry juice and mango juice to break the fast in a kind way. I had warm soy milk with cacao and two seedy crackers after the dinner too.

After brinner I began planning the characters for the story part of Flower Valley : Savanna. I got a new app on the phone which seems super helpful so far called Character Planner. I added three of the ones I remember from my notes, then I emailed my ex-girlfriend to ask her for help sending me my notes on ‘Savanna’, the working title of the planned novel.

A Fair Phone Fairytale

Then I began editing this blog post on the computer. Before, I had only written the first part on my trusty FairPhone 2. By the way, I finally figure out how to stop it from vibrating on each character typed!! Settings->Language & Input->Android Keyboard->Keypress vibration duration. Even though it was set to 0ms it was still vibrating. But after setting it to a positive number and then back to zero again, it has now stopped vibrating. This is great, it will save so much battery for me later when I am out and blogging! It will be especially cool come spring and summer, to combine it with the solar panel for recharging it. Endless energy!

I have been trying out the new editor for WordPress titled Gutenberg for the last days, and I am finally using it for a whole blog post. Will it live up to its name and revolutionize blogging around the world? So far, I have a good experience, except for a bit of a slow response time when adding links. I can move around paragraphs instead of having to mark, copy and paste. What I missed mostly are special symbols, but this has led me to discover how to add unicode directly on Ubuntu 18.04 using CTRL+SHIFT+U, and then typing the unicode number. I already memorized a few characters by thinking of the numbers as years. 2022, as the year I might be shot helps me remember the bullet symbol, • (let’s hope its a faulty prophecy =) 2666 is the diamond ♦, as if the devil tempts with treasure! 2014 is the hyphen or em-dash —, as in the electro-magnetic dashes and flashes in my brain that year.

Now.. I also want to take this chance to share another project named after Gutenberg, actually, it is called just Project Gutenberg. With over 57,000 book titles stored for free online, it is one of mankinds greatest treasures in my opinion! And many new titles will enter the public domain in 2019! What other evil is there than ignorance? And then, what would be better than to share our knowledge freely with each other?

A World Aptly Baptized

First a word of warning… this text is very long and full of symbolic intricacies! You might have to be very curious and/or nerdy to appreciate all this.

My greatest concern during the later part of this Friday has been that the world itself which Flower Valley is situated in is unnamed. It has a seed, which is 4661581597754505763, but I would prefer something which evokes more interest …

To solve this, I converted the number into binary using this converter


Then I split the binary number into 16 bit chunks


Then I tried converting each to a character to unicode with this converter and got


That’s it! The world is now officially named. BeThreeO, born between November the second and third, 2018. That is.. 2 for Be, or bi. 0 and 8 are like three O’s. 1 for the uniting aspect.

This feels like a magical moment.. Apart from all the number coincidences, I am one of the biggest admirers of the YouTube Gamer and Minecrafter named Bdouble0! Both for his Minecraft content, for his generosity with himself and his conduct in general. I hope I can do at least a little in spirit of what he has done, and be a worthy ‘successor’,  if that is the appropriate word to use. I also hope there are things unique to my own life experience that I can bring out to the world with this creation.

Back to b‡‡³O again. It peeks my curiosity. It looks like an interesting chemical compound. b cannot be Borium, which is B. Maybe a baryon? Three baryons around one oxygen atom. Completely unknown to today’s science, what are the properties of this molecule?

I feel like I just want to run and rename all the content related to my survival Minecraft to BeThreeO.. but there is still another world to be named, a creative one with puzzles.

Should we use the same method? Why not!

First I need to start Minecraft to get the seed… This might turn out to be a long night.. it is already 01:34. But lets get this handled.

Minecraft starts, I load the world, type /seed in the chat and get


Again, I convert to binary


but I don’t want to use a negative number, so I take the binary signed 2’s complement


Splits perfectly into 4 chunks of 16 bits each


Next we convert to Unicode by typing out each binary’s hexadecimal equivalen (In case you don’t have a good way of inputting unicode, this page is very helpful)

CTRL-SHIFT-U+FEBF yields  ﺿ which is arabic for a d-sound. It actually sounds like ‘död’ (swedish for death) when I paste it into google translate. Pretty cool!

CTRL-SHIFT-U+4AA5 yields 䪥, a chinese character pronounced ‘xiè’. It depicts ‘shallots or scallions, small (piece of land); narrow (minded)’ and is part of words such as 䪥的, meaning awkward. Very fitting!

CTRL-SHIFT-U+A569 yields ꕩ a Vai syllable from the Vai language spoken in Sierra Leone! It is pronounced ‘ya’

CTRL-SHIFT-U+F2A3 is in the mysterious private use area… =D Maybe reserved for people who think they need to hide things. Also very fitting in the name for a world with a puzzle game.

So, let’s sum up the name: ﺿ䪥ꕩ or Ḍādxièya. Now..  will I have to type this in  latine letters? Or does Minecraft have full Unicode support? I will try!

It works!

So cool! Now I just have to memorize the signs and draw them in a nice coherent way! And perhaps I will use the version more readable to most people, Ḍādxièya in text, and the actual signs as a logotype!

Now I want to pause and go back to the survival world, which I didn’t really treat properly in the first conversion

This time I get a character in the private range followed by 螇, pronounced ‘xī’ in pinyin and which is composed of the radical 虫 (insect or worm) and a compound of 中戈月女大, center, dagger/small axe, moon, woman and large meaning ‘servant’, ‘what’ and ‘why’. As the third I get 덏 which is Hangul, the writing used in Korea. It is read ‘dyaech’. The fourth is 㨣, for which neither google translate nor manages to give a translation or pronunciation. But its radicals or parts are simple, even if one of them gives me enough trouble to consider sending and email to an old friend from my studies of Japanese at the University of Stockholm. Japanese partly use Chinese characters to write, in case you wonder, which explains my proficiency here..  But my phone comes to my help again, I can use the touch screen to draw the signs. I finally figure out that the one to the left is hand, the upper right means ‘public’ and the bottom right is bamboo. All this I interpret as, ‘why serve as a dead public insect?’ .. or simply .. to be a bit more cliché: ‘free your mind’!

Well, that is what I want to show in the worlds now officially named b‡‡³O and Ḍādxièya — Ways to free your mind! Just explore the cave and poets corner of the Adventurer’s Hub in Flower Valley, b‡‡³O or the Library in the Sanctuary Lake of ﺿ䪥ꕩ or Ḍādxièya and I have left you some good clues there …

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