New month

Feeling the shift from last month, which was very hectic.

Now I have the opportunity to plan ahead a bit more.

Already an art commission in the making, and a potential other one for music thanks to participating in one of the two Halloween themed contests held on on Planet Minecraft this year.

Feeling slightly list and overwhelmed as for what to prioritize.. I want two make a complete website overhaul, move each creative category to a site and blog of its own. So much to do!

I began with the poetry, I feel it is small enough to manage, keep things simple.

To begin with I selected a color theme; I will go with the standard WordPress grey. Let the poems together with handpicked and formatted pictures speak for themselves

I even removed the share buttons!

I will publish poems on the new site ( when I have registered dedicated accounts for poetry on social media

It might be sooner than I think.. But I also want to migrate the poems already written and published here on

Either way, the poems will remain accessible, when the new site is ready I will just switch the link in the menu on this site, which will serve as an umbrella! 🏖

I finally took a walk outdoors after many days almost hibernating 🐻

Walked with my father and talked about cool things like UFO’s, extraterrestrials and the pineal gland. My father is very open-minded to these things being real. I am blessed to have him to be with.

We are gradually recovering my lost assets. Today I will research the currency trading company that disappeared.. Their name on the web was capitaldebinary, let’s see if I can find an actual registered company. If it has been registered for bankruptcy there is a possibility to register my loss and perhaps at least get less taxed here in Sweden.

Beardy happy
Still happy with almost nothing in my bank account

And after the walk, breakfast. At 15 p.m., but breakfast just means breaking fast. vegan breakfast at 3 p.m.
After 6 waking hours and over 3 kilometres walked, this meal was very welcomed

I intended to wake up at 4 today, but overslept until 9. I need a stronger mindset, a focused plan for the morning hours.

I am very happy to have gotten in touch with one of the creator’s behind Everbloom Studios. He found my contribution to this PMC Halloween solo contest and liked the detailing I did. Just browsing my web site, checking out my music, and after chatting with me this might result in a both fun and well paid commission, to making a 1-2 minute long musical piece for a video.

I already added some improvisation to the next upload from the pumpkin contest build, which I continued on after the deadline, my inner muse won’t let a thing like that be left unfinished. But I will respect the competition where the jury is currently selecting the finalists. If I don’t make the finals, I can upload the next video on Saturday! If not, it will have to wait a bit more, perhaps until Sunday? But that would mean I am in the final, which is awesome!

Commissioned or not, In plan to start composing and recording some music next week. That means I have to look at what equipment is available here. My parents have a lot, but it has not been used regularly.

I think I will start simple with just Audacity, which is already installed on the laptop I use. And perhaps I can connect my camera directly to my mother’s amazing electric piano!

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