Digital Expansion: Food, Pumpkin-House, Poetry and Visions of a Better Future

This day I planned using a compressed version of this cool schedule/script I am working on called JSuSCHยฒR (name is just a coincidence, not deliberate AT ALL!!)ย  ๐Ÿคฃ Even so, I am sure Jesus gives his blessings. Since I started at 11 A.M instead of at 7, all hours got compressed to 45 minutes. In this way.. I might just be done with everything at 23, or 11 P.M. (NOTE: the schedule has since been altered, I want to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier too) However, today is the end of “Summer Time”, or Daylight Saving Time, so I get one extra hour to bring you this blog post in as much crisp detail as I possible can!

Anyway, this led to my yoga program being done at hyperspeed.

Don’t dread the white space, the use is in the emptiness!

Early morning, I worked on an art commission!

Then I had a splendid breakfast.

I’ll help take you to the 9th Dhyana!

After breakfast I posted the post before this one, detailing Buddhist meditation practice with original illustrations! Green tea and mala (meditation bracelet) approves.

Lunch out on the back yard.. nearly 0 ยบC and windy …ย  the gravel looks like seeds ..

Lunch was great too! Ingredients of both breakfast and lunch can be found on Instagram:

I uploaded a new video of me creating a Halloween-themed build in creative Minecraft! It is for a contest, and has to be done by Monday. I will upload and build more tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Then I had a look at my creations on my abandoned food blog at Wix, Beyond Healthy Food… Poor thing, no-one visits it. I plan to transfer these recipes to this site, @

Omg, did I really create these?

I also registered an Instagram and a Twitter ( for my poetry:

View this post on Instagram

#vegan #poet #poetry #halloween

A post shared by Aviรณn Photon (@avionphotonpoetry) on

My sister and her boyfriend were invited for dinner today.. They had. I don’t even want to type it. Still sad my family is not vegan. How can we humans be so selectively blind?

At least it inspired the poem above.

Being in the kitchen with body parts of departed friends I didn’t feel very well…

Got back a bit into mandala-styled food!

I recuperated my mood by making more healthy food! Tried out some interesting noodles from kelp! Underneath all of this is rice and a savory spicy pot with sweet potatoes my mother made. Yum!

After dinner I took a brief walk, just a few minutes, but felt something magical in the air and inside me, looking up to the cosmos, the future spoke to me of something unimaginably beautiful to come. I felt an interconnected unconditionally loving interstellar society is just a stone’s throw away. In how many years and after how many tears, I don’t know. It’s up to us all.

I sent a link toย  Earthlings on Vimeo to my sister’s email, I hope she watches it. Not everyone is as lucky as me and gets to visit an actual animal farm. I did in 2013 or 2014, if I remember correctly, became vegetarian a few months later and vegan some years later. Such a simple decision that can the future for so many.





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