Notes while reading ‘Philosophy and Foundation of Mathematics’ by Marsigit

This is not an ordinary review in any sense, but rather an exploration in consciousness. It might be something similar to what is often called a ‘trip journal’, to take a term from advanced users of psychedelics.

I am sitting up late at night, after a long day of good food mixed with light workout and a lot of administrative work on my website.. I start reading around 23:15, and mix writing and reading until around 00:00

After a speed-reading a few pages I get an intuitive sense of mathematical entities being as valid as the concept of any objects, including the idea of my self. That is, arbitrary separated connected concepts or domains within the mind, but not yet experienced as direct physical manifestations in my current form of being.

I sense that ‘they are there somewhere’. By there, I mean within consciousness. Mathematical structures in non-symbolized forms, a ‘raw sense’ of there being an essence to tap into. Vague visual images appear, even as I look towards the screen of the computer I am typing on.

What could this be used for? I suggest a deep contemplation on this, perhaps setting aside from 2 to 4 hours with only mathematical entities as the topic, or the goal to meet/experience, as close as possible.

There is a deep wish, connected with a sense of joy, from within me to discard all distractions; food, administrative work, etc and dedicate time to this, dive deep.

I also feel beauty, hidden under the surface of everyday life.

Reading on, the intuitive awareness and sense of the deeper truths of reality right here and now are inescapable. I see how the question of whether mathematics exists as a separate world outside the human thought or not is precisely made up by the idea of there being a world of human thought. To disbelieve in this barrier directly opens up the gates to a more direct experience. Any world is accessible when there is no question sought from the world of academic separation, but instead as a direct non-symbolic experience.

Formalizing the ideas of what mathematics is and is not is limiting. All of mathematics arises instantly with the division of reality into separate things, subjects and objects.

Further I sense, how can we not see that what happens in every moment is pure magic? Existence itself? It is so beautiful and infinite, it is overwhelming. Just the idea of there being one thing, a countable of anything that can appear, is to me so indescribably amazing, it is as if I do not need to do or know anything more in my life than be with this single idea: There is a thing. From there being a thing, there is something that is not the thing. From this, anything and everything derives. Not only as in can be derived through names, reason and so on. But as in, it is what appears, right now, right here. Unfathomably infinite.

I take a bathroom break after 45 minutes and brush my teeth. I look upon my image reflecting in the mirror and marvel at this beautiful creature I appear as. If only everyone knew and understood what I can sense. I sense thoughts related to my imagined life purpose flash by during seconds: ‘team up with enlightened people’, ‘become the sustainability-hero on an electric motorbike’. I see visions are of the vastness of the universe, and sense the unfathomable, that that universe is just a tiny fraction of what I and everything else really am and can become, as soon as I fully manage to drop all ideas of myself as a separate entity.

Back at the computer, I continue reading, and come upon a few sentences I resonate with:

Furthermore, Litlangs (2002) claims that there are mathematicians perceiving
mathematics as the intuition of non-perceptual objects and constructions. According to them, mathematics is introspectively self-evident and begins with an activity of the mind which moves on from one thing to another but keeps a memory of the first as the empty form of a common substratum of all such moves.

Continuing on, I have the stark feeling that there is no point in formulating a stance or adhering to a certain position on what mathematics is or is not. I feel that using the mind to dive into and beyond open-ended questions it beauty itself, not accepting a theory, belief or school to identify with, as if pressing a button over and over again (although, that could also be good meditation, done with no ulterior intent).
How vain to live with Mathematics as a world apart from the rest of the universe and beyond. All is so interconnected, ever accessible to everything and everyone. Why these distinctions of who is what and why? I feel I want to be and melt all these barriers…

Still 13 pages left to read.

I sense I got the most essential parts already, I have not much more to say…

I provide the reference for anyone interested: ‘PHILOSOPHY AND FOUNDATION OF MATHEMATICS’ By Marsigit, Yogyakarta State University, Email:

A thank you to Marsigit, for writing the text.

Stay tuned for further discoveries as I dive deep into philosophy and mathematics through studies and contemplation.


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