How to Continuously Strike Knowledge Gold!

or diamonds,

or platinum,

or whatever word pointing to the most valuable material we can conceive of.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about having a common-place book (or CPB as I like to abbreviate it).

I recently regained access to the one I created it using OneNote 2016 on the after taking Leo Gura’s advice on the matter in his video, ‘How to Keep the Ultimate Journal (A Commonplace Book)’. I thought my notes were lost along with my dear ASUS laptop (may you rest in peace and not in pieces, until we meet again), and even more so finding myself using Ubuntu 18.04 on my current setup. But now I am overjoyed, ecstatic and deliriously happy by having convenient access to most of what I created through Microsoft OneNote Online. I just need a browser! Mozilla Firefox works fine!

So, my commonplace book is a treasure trove of knowledge, which I am now excavating daily to make this website a pearl palace, a Moria before the Balrog, an Atlantis before it sank, a paradise with no perl scripts (sorry for the jargon, I am getting hyped about ideas I have to take over (as in, change for the better) the world by programming the most useful app ever written). It might just be this blog and webpage itself. If you get the drift, you know I don’t need to sift.

I just open any page in the ol’ CPB and get amazed!

Some of the latest transfers are these articles

Worried about survival? Don’t!


Thoughts on the apparent dimensions of reality and its relations to consciousness

And next I will post some fantastic recipes for minimalist food:

‘Spiced seed jelly and kombu with algae drink’

‘Fresh carrots and spiced pepper from the garden ‘


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