Scheduled for Success

I woke up between 7 and 9, had a nice time meditating while in bed, but fell asleep again. My father gently woke me up.

Then I wrote a schedule for the day, influenced by this infogram I read the day before. It divides the day in categories; sleep, exercise, making ends meet, primary work, other work and social & meals. I follow this division below for fun, but I think there is more to circular schedules! Let’s see what fancy features flies from the fantastic future!

Making ends meet: Phone call

After writing the schedule I phoned the local municipality to apply for social support. Now I won’t get myself in that terrible bind I was last month with no place to live, no money and no phone.

Exercise: Meditative Walk

Around fifteen minutes followed by a shower. I set a timer for 7 minutes, then turned around back to the house. Felt so peaceful….

Primary Work: Wrapping Up an Art Piece

The art piece I worked on this month is finished! Wohoo!

I celebrated by signing with the new short sweet link to my website (yes, it is this very same one!). Avión is the first part of my artist name, Avión Photon. I use the full name mostly for music.

A drawing & painting called ‘Gry’

I covered it with silicon spray to avoid losing any of the many mediums used, especially the crayon, acrylic and charcoal.

I am going to apply to an exhibition with it, and, in case it enters, I suppose it will hang on a wall. So I tried the paper on a harder paper, on which I can add some hooks or hangers. But the glue didn’t stick. I have to try something else.

For now, I am flattening it between large papers. Heavy-duty, life-time excursion culinary containers from last week on top to make sure.. When it is flat, I will photograph it and upload it to the drawing and paintings section on plus send it to apply for the exhibition.

Primary Work & Exercise

Next activity: preparing butter from sunflower seeds! Yum! I added a lot of salt, to empty a container and free up space in the cupboards in the kitchen of my parents house. While toasting the sunflower seeds I practiced walking on my hands. Did three fairly good ones, perhaps 7-10 steps each.

Social & Meals: Vegan Brunch

Then it was time for brunch: The butter on some crunchy fibrous bread with zucchini and nutritional yeast (Vitamin B12!), a bowl of organic soy yougurt, slices of kiwi and apple and my mothers müsli mix and a glass with 1/3 rose nip juice, 1/3 mango juice and 1/3 water to drink.

The extra salt turned out to actually be beneficial for my diet. When I prepared dinner I put much less spread on the bread and no salt at all in the rest of the food.

Social & Exercise: Walk with Sister

I had planned to spend the afternoon in solitude but got an unexpected visit: My little sister! We hadn’t seen each other for a very long time, but her arrival timed perfectly with the 45 minute walk I had planned to the lakeside and back. We talked almost all the time. I tried to explain the strange turns in my life over the last years.. about living completely in the present, BEING the present, without past or future.. and being carried by a purpose which transforms you to someone completely different, yet you still bounce back to what the person you are most used to think you are. Finally I attempted to convey the content of the video I watched the night before about Shugendo (a japanese spiritual practice). I did any of the topics justice..  and my sister said she was pretty happy living with the future and the past.

Primary work: Web Design


I was on a roll today working on the blog and website!

First I reduced the clutter on the desk around the computer, converting paper check lists into electronic equivalents. I want to keep it this way, saving paper leads to saving trees which leads to a better environment for everyone!

First I considered an application for post-its in Ubuntu 18.04, but I scrapped it for Google Keep. This makes the most sense; I have my email accounts there and can share the notes to other accounts with only two or three clicks.

Then I reducing the clutter online. I had planned to design new pay-buttons (the default ones from PaySon look really out of place, late 90’s or early 00’s style on a site which is up-to-date with the latest trends… awkward!). However, redesigning the menus took precedence. I feel like I have a super-solid structure to proceed with! I separated Drawings & Paintings from Art, and moved Photography in there as well. Then I placed Art, Music, Minecraft and Photography into a new top category called Creations. I moved About, Contact and Support into another new top category simply called Me.

I also decided on the navigation design which will keep things looking consistent and save a lot of work! Here is how it will be done, step-by-step:

  1. Select or create an image relevant to the page.
  2. Open it in an image editing software. Since I am mostly on Ubuntu 18.04 I use GIMP.
  3. Cut it to panoramic proportions, something like 6:1 (width:height)
  4. Add the category name in capital white letters of size 72 with the font ‘Standard Symbols L’.
  5. Flatten and export as pagename-header.png
  6. Upload the pagename-header.png to the website
  7. Add the pagename-header.png as a link to the page in the page of the parent category
  8. Add the pagename-header.png as the header image in the page itself.

If this seems confusing, look at and navigate the website itself!

Exercise: Short but sweet calisthenics routine (15-16 min)

  1. 7+4 pushups
  2. Pull up with max-hang halfway in L-sit
  3. Three different hand balances. Whole body supported by arms only, with elbows on abs. Four breaths in each balance.
  4. Supported headstand with leg moves (dynamic split progression)
  5. Pushups behind back, staying static and maxing out halfway
  6. One leg squats with one leg straight forward, held by toes with one arm. Four each leg, going down 20-30 % of full ROM (range of movement).
  7. Side planks, lifting legs, four times on each side
  8. One leg squats with one foot held behind back. Going down only 20-30% of full ROM. Fifteen on each leg

Primary work & Meals

To round off the day, prepared a great dinner. The main part was the beans I had soaked in water since the night before. This instagram post has a closeup of the salad and all the ingredients listed. The food took a while to eat, I didn’t finish until 11 P.M! I wrote a large part of this blog post while eating and also fixed some parts of the website menu I had missed. When I finally finished, I left the bowls with water to be washed among the rest of the dirt dishes in the kitchen. Better to do all of the washing up at once. My father asked me when I would get my CV ready for applying to jobs. I answered that I will probably be ready early next week. Then I went back to finish this post!

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