Rant from a vegan power plant of innovative ideas

Spent a long night and day coding and then discussing ideas about the #futureofhumanity in relation to health and new #informationtechnology with my father.

As software developers with a deep understanding of mathematics and optimization we are wondering, where are the coming opportunities for practical applications of our expertise which will maximize our contribution?

We concluded that there seem to be a wide gap to be bridged, until now, mathematical programming has been applied mainly by very large companies. Apps for smaller businesses and private individuals seem to be a gigantic yet untapped market.

Some areas where optimization using mathematical programming can be used to minimize costs and maximize benefits are

  • logistics
  • planning
  • resource management
  • scheduling

I am especially curious as to what can be done in terms of creating optimization software that runs directly on the user end, as closely interwoven as possible with interfaces in for examle HTML5. To start with, what would a linear programming solver written in JavaScript look like? How would it scale?

And then, after all that talk, I just wanted to gorge on some #vegan #fingerfood with #hardbread #peanutbutter,  soy yoghurt, green olives, lingonberry jam, olives and pumpkin seeds.

Peanut is amazing, perhaps my all time favorite food. I recently gathered lists of most, if not all essential nutrients and the weight/RDI percentage of them in various plantbase/vegan food sources. Peanut appears in almost every one of the lists. Here is the page if you want to have a look: https://bkh.me/nutrition/

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