Enlightenment in Terms of Electronics, Using Ohm’s law


(resistance times current strength equals voltage, or potential)

Do you dare to short-circuit your existance? A short-circuit in an electric circuit happens when the current is allowed to flow almost unimpeded, with little to zero resistance…

Reduce your resistance towards reality to zero and you will become the totality of its energy flow, realizing your full infinite potential

As a bonus, three of my favorite enlightenment quotes, written by myself:

“If you can truly read between the lines, you don’t need this text at all”

“Be bluntly sharp”

“Your conception is the miraculous mystery of unconditional love, without origin. Your life is the continuous unfolding from that”

If you like these kinds of quotes, click here and go to a much better place. No, it’s not heaven, just the best quotes on wikiquote.org. But if you read enough and apply what you learn, you might just become heaven. I am not joking. Actually, I am. That was very lazy of me. At least half of those quotes are not as good as my three above. I should at least have made a top-ten selection. Stay a while, and browse this site instead, I will publish something even better for you. Promise

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