Rant about Proteins and What I Did for 24 Hours Without Eating!

Yummy vegan dinner

Finally some food!

Fried mushrooms, boiled Jerusalem artichokes (mmm!! 😍 love them, peel and all) and broccoli, turkish olives, sugar peas, tomatoes and lettuce, french bread.

I feel this dinner was well deserve; since I woke up I have

  • Meditated
  • Ordered my paper notes
  • Published a blog post (not this one)
  • Cleaned up my poetry page. I want to structure it better and publish all my poems. For now, only the good old collection is there, plus instructions for how to donate and support me as a poet
  • Talked with my contact at the Swedish employement agency πŸ“ž
  • Registered for reimbursement πŸ–₯πŸ’°
  • Partly planned the rest of the month. When will I have time for making music 🎢
  • Talked with my parents about my situation living at their place without paying for food or rent πŸ’Έ
  • Added a poem to my partly recovered commonplace book on OneNote
  • Written an email to my dear ex girlfriend who helps me a lot β€πŸ™
  • Photo-walked
  • +edited and uploaded the best photos
  • Connected with neighbours

Now, if you are an uninformed carnist you might be worried about proteins.. where are they??

You see, they are all over the plate. (not so much in the rice tea though)

All live cells have proteins. Without proteins, no RNA, no DNA, no replication of cells, no life!!
Not only that, but proteins from a stressed animal, whose muscles after being murdered have been fried or processed beyond recognition in other ways are much harder for the body to make use compared proteins in fresh greens are readily assimilated when digested…

Here is a happy living being with some proteins:

From today’s photo walk

#busyday #activelife
#govegan #veganforyourhealth

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