Are You Actually Aware?

If you are not consciously aware that you are not only your own body, mind, thoughts and emotions, but everything else appearing in your experience as well, then you have become distracted, and might perhaps consider dropping everything you are concerned about and go meditate.
With high awareness, there are no coincidences. You can see all connections between events and trace them backwards in time. Only in low awareness does events seem random, because the mind has set arbitrary priorities on different things. An example: I meditated today, and suddenly I sensed I was behind a truck in a snowy Russian town. It seemed random and out of now where, but I heard Russian spoken earlier the same day, and practised Russian the night before. In this way, any observation can be traced back to its source. These were partly images and thoughts in my head, but the same observations can be done with external appearances. You can actually see how your whole life has been self-generated from the beginning.
If you set only one priority (for example meditation without any objective) as your highest and only priority in life, you can rapidly experience this.
But that means you should recognize:
Food, drink etc, people, known or unknown, work/studies/hobbies and any other needs, desires or urges you have are all just unimportant distractions. Even religions, spirituality, etc and any thoughts about anything are distracting. And then, when you have become truly aware of what you are, if you still want to distract yourself with these things, you can do it with full love and enjoyment!

Note: this text was originally published on my Instagram account dedicated to enlightenment,
At the moment, no new content is being added there, but you are of course invited to browse it, comment on and share any posts you like!
I will continue to dig out the best nuggets from the account, and post them on this blog; the goal is to later condense everything into an ebook.
The enlightenment page on this site (available in the site menu) already have a personal accounts, articles and insights related to enlightenment which, if read with an open mind, can be life transforming!

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