Sewing and shower

After a few nights of coding I was smelly and without any clean underwear!

Confidential sewing machine XD

I borrowed my mothers magical sewing machine, it has a retro look but runs smooth like a spaceship from a slick Sci-Fi movie.

Underwear with hole in crotch

I started sewing without using any assisting needles to hold the cloth together, confident enough in my abilities! Just folding along the seam.

Only halfway there to a repaired underwear

I somehow underestimated the length of the hole and got just half of it on the first go.

Good enough to go without balls through the holes

After a second try I considered the result sufficient.

I proceeded to wash both the underwear and my sweaty shirt in the bathroom sink, using just handsoap and lukewarm water.

Just hanging out having a good time

The trusty Good Times shirt dyes the washing water purple, gradually changing its appearance.

Now I had my clothes washed but my body was still smelly! Time for a relaxing warm shower!

Moving freely, happy to have a body in good shape

Putting on a necklace with a Jade heart 💚

After the shower selected the best photos from the first photo walk around Frösundagården. I will add them to the photography section of this webpage.

White wooden houses surrounded by trees in autumn colors

You might have noticed that the website has a much shorter URL now!!!

The option to choose a custom domain name came with the recent upgrade! To make the site name easier to remember and share I chose the initials of my birth name Björn Kenneth Holmström, followed by .me.

I think this is such a natural and coherent choice, I would even recommend it to others!

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