Nightly work and a calm day at home


I spent almost all the night working on various ideas. I also browsed the web to plan for my future.

Programming for the future!

To start with I for creating a program which takes genealogy data and creates a visualization of human relationships. I would like the program to be capable of reading data for the entire population on earth, and also stay compatible with the currently projected cap, which is estimated to be around 11.2 billions. I calculated the necessary bits for a unique ID for each individual to be 34. But for convenience, I think it can be extended to 40 by ‘zero-padding’ so that the ID can be converted to 5 bytes which is easier to convert to something readable.

For now the project has the name HuGe Vision (Humane Genealogy Visualization). I think Java would be the best programming language to use, and I would love to get some practice with programming graphics.

I will also need to write a basic and general program for the data tree. The working name for this it is SuSTrA: Supersmall and simple search tree application. The abbreviation is partly inspired by the Buddhist texts called sutras and the spanish word for a short scare followed by relief, ‘un susto’.

I discussed the idea with my father later, it looks very promising!

Website and games

I upgraded this site! Having fun trying the new features. To start with, the Minecraft game worlds are now downloadable both directly and from the site and from the previous mirror host! And the ads are gone, making everything look sparkly clean!!

I also wrote to Mojang, the company selling Minecraft to ask for their opinion on charging small sums for my world downloads. It should fall under fair use for original creations! It would be cool if they want to check out the worlds!!


I looked at motorcycle gear … here is what I plan to get

I read about requirements for licenses in Sweden and found this instructor nearby! Taking the license A for heavy motorcycles directly makes most sense to me. The theory is similar to the license B, and if you have permission to drive heavy bikes you can drive the light and medium ones as well.

Now I just need to get enough money $D

Until then, I am fixing my muscle-powered bicycle and getting used to life on two wheels again!


After sleeping a few hours in the early morning, I did the same yoga program as in yesterday’s post. I am feeling the improval!

My breakfast is smaller than previous days since I planned to only stay at the office and catch up with the website and blog today. It is basically the same as previous days. I am drinking green tea. I added some biscuits which has palm oil… I don’t think I want to each more of those, but I emptied the packet and will use the plastic bag to keep in my rucksack and pick fruits, berries and mushrooms in.

My mother just came home from morning errands and suggested shopping some clothes at a nearby shop which is having sales. Perhaps if I am lucky I can find something made of linen or hemp to have some warmer clothes now when winter is coming. It could be worth checking out, and I would also get some fresh air!

There are also some interesting shops in Södermalm I would like to visit another day. And the option to design and sew my own clothes directly from some high-quality cloth! That would be really cool!

I am curious about the state of my old bike which has been here since a few years. It is a bit damaged, but it should be repairable. I hope to add a photo of it later.


Practised portrait photography with my amazing artist mother!

Portrait – original

From around 20 photographs, we settled for this as the most honest and natural portrayal, taken when both of us felt most relaxed and comfortable!

Portrait – auto fix

I applied some automatic filters of colors, light and contrast

Portrait – autofix and healing

Followed by healing some spots on her skin.

Första versionen
Portrait with autofix, healing, sharpen, blur and more healing

Finally I applied sharpening, blur and healing of some wrinkles and sent her the first version. I offered to work on ordering her hair as well. In fact, I want to do it anyway, to try out the image editing software on the laptop I have borrowed from my father.

I also want to brushed up the photo of him I took a few days ago outdoors, I think he looks so badass!!

His Royal Highness

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