Walk in Vallentuna

Two days ago I took a walk with my father in autumn colored Vallentuna.

My very handsome and fashionable father!

The weather was chilly and cloudy weather and the air clean and refreshing!

First we got an errand dealt with; inscribing me in the Swedish social security, which has its office next to the town square

Then we visited the local church which origins all the way back from the conversion of the Vikings to Christianity.

Some runes are inscribed on the corner of the church!

I would love if anyone with runic knowledge could translate it for us!

We entered the local cultural center which is in an awesome modern glass building! We had an enriching tour through an exposition featuring local artists, finding interesting commonalities between the art of computer coding and the art of weaving. We also particularly enjoyed a photograph which had captured light reflecting on a frozen lake in a manner so that the flat surface seemed to take on three dimensionality.

Contrasting a square blue car with a modern triangular framed church

Finally I really enjoyed this other church which has an architecture reminding me of modern A-frame houses, a style which I like a lot, since the inside can be left completely open leading to a nice bright and open atmosphere.

Today I plan the first of several walks near 3 churches to the north, I hope to give you some nice photos while experimenting with the two camera objectives I have used the least; the telescopic and the wide angled one.

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