Yesterday’s art, today’s yoga and yummy vegan breakfast!

I borrowed a bundle of art supplies from my mother.

At first I messed around on this old sketch of hers to familiarize myself with acrylic pencils which I have never used before.

I filled in some flower petals, leaves and played a bit with the water and contours of the glass. Then I felt I should work on something new..

… and began this drawing using graphite, tinted charcoal, crayons and acrylic pens. I worked less than an hour on it, but I it will need four more hours to be complete.

A good yoga session;


Sun salutations to get the body warmed up

Deep belly breathing for the inner organs

Cobra to improve upper back posture.

Hip opener since I struggle with a tingly sensation in my thighs

Candle both for digestion and to relax the back muscles

Straight and tucked leg raise laying on my back.

Then I prepared the following amazing breakfast from my parents well stocked cupboards and fridge:

  • Green tea
  • Soy yoghurt with blueberry juice, Mom’s müsli and yellow kiwi
  • Fruity bread with sliced zucchini, plum tomatoes and thyme
  • Seedy cracker with peanut butter, cashew nuts and thyme
  • “Archipelago bread” with peanut butter, kiwi and walnuts

Couldn’t wait to start eating as I was typing the post!! ;P

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